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One of the best places in Le Marche
Serra San Quirico
A little village in the middle of the natural park

The last bulwark of defence of the Esino Valley is on charge of one of the most strategic and important passes from Ancona to Rome. 

It stands, as a stranded galley, hidden in the pine forest  where the first Apennine mountains rise. 

It was anciently used as post guard. Its solemnity frightened anyone. It was built to protect the strategic Gola Della Della Rossa pass. Since the Romans times, the area has in fact been considered highly strategic. 

The village dates back to those ancient times. The town centre is particularly beautiful. It is quite wide. 

There are little squares, covered passages and roads that trim the village here and there. The village still stands as evidence of an ancient lost world.

The unequalled “ship” shape makes it beautiful as well as suggestive. The buildings follow the gentle hill, at the feet of Monte Murano, and seem to be ready to sail.  

The eye can in fact experience its journey East through a colourful golden sea. Such is the sight of the gentle hills that have been formed detached on the West side of The Apennines and now stretch towards the Adriatic sea. 

Several rivers, whose beds were parallel, created these famous valleys. Thanks to them we can now experience the beauty and quiet.  

The diversity of the panorama, from the Coast to the low mountains  and the history and traditions of the place has earned Le Marche the definition of ’Italy in a county’.

The High Esino Valley is so rich in natural underground caves and untouched nature that has been made Regional Park (Parco Regionale della Gola Rossa e di Frasassi).

So…Welcome to Serra San Quirico!

Photography: Alessio Brocanelli  

Sponsored by
Comune di Serra San Quirico

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