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Le Copertelle

Le Copertelle
A covered passage running all along the village

Le Copertelle are a covered passage running all along the village walls and overlooked by civil apartments. 

They represent an important example of medieval architecture. The art of fortification is expressed at its outmost in them. 

hey are in fact evidence of the will of making something useful for the protection of the village. 

They boast in fact a raised position and allow quick transfers also thanks to the underground passages.

Through the underground passages storing cisterns were reachable. Water and wheat were stored there in case of attack.

The tower and the two fortified entrances to the village (Porta Pesa and Porta Forchiusa) located on the opposite sides of the village guaranteed the needful protection to Serra San Quirico. 

When peace wasn’t threatened Le Copertelle were used as headquarters of corporations and handcraft activity,

The picturesque and characteristic site is perfect to admire the beautiful sights of the area underneath. 

The ancient arches frame in fact the sight of wild Monte Murano, of the Apennine mountains and of the Esino valley. 

They enclose all the West side of the village as far as the Colle where the walls acquire the typical prow shape that make the village resemble a ship.

Le Copertelle are the frame of the beautiful painting that surrounds Serra San Quirico.

Photography: Alessio Brocanelli

Sponsored by
Comune di Serra San Quirico

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