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Serra San Quirico e il suo successo

Le Marche are a land of craftsmen and small enterprises. 

The production is mostly devoted to local and traditional products. Serra San Quirico medieval village follows this trend.

The local economy is in fact based on agriculture. A lot of farmers, old men of the past generations but also newly acquired workforce is employed in the most ancient activity of all: farming.

Tourism is strictly linked to farming. Tourists come in fact to visit the area for cultural, artistic and eno-gastronomic reasons. 

There are numberless flourishing country-houses and agriturismi that are mainly engaged in natural and rural activities. 

The local production is devoted to prestigious cheese and olive oil production, to the famous white Verdicchio wine (produced in all the Ancona area) and to the peculiar and striclty local pastry: Calcione.

As for the industries the most flourishing activity is the production of extractor fans. The first firm was opened in Fabriano and the production was then spread in all the Esino Valley as far as Serra San Quirico. 

The leader industry is the famous “Elica” based in Fabriano. It has an important logistic centre in Serra San Quirico industrial site. 

The activity started in the sixties. It has so developed in the years as to make Le Marche famous in the world for the production of quality extracting fans.

Serra San Quirico area only is interested by the activity of extraction from the Gola della Rossa caves. They are set in the homonym gorge that links Serra San Quirico to the other side of the Apennines Mountains. 

The particular rock conformation of Monte Murano has made the material extracted a rare and high quality one. It is much appreciated and requested. 

Even though the exploiting of the caves is really remarkable, they have become a tourist attraction, also thanks to the ancient and traditional methods of extraction.

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