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Chiesa San Quirico

Chiesa San Quirico
A sacred place as origin of the village

The church is said to have been built by San Romualdo in 950, in the town centre of Serra San Quirico where the castle once stood. It is dedicated to San Quirico and Giulietta, martyrs. 

The church has earned the appellation of Pieve (that means that has hierarchical importance above the other churches in the area). It has been the core of the religious and political life of Serra San Quirico for centuries. 

The church was almost completely rebuilt after a terrible earthquake in 1741 that caused damages in all the Ancona area.

The ancient Romanic structure can anyway still be detected thanks to some detail. Two single-light stone windows are in fact still in evidence on the right side of the church.

A charming detail is the south side of the church that goes to melt with Le Copertelle. A passage characterized by typical arches that run overlooked by civil dwellings all along the defense walls of the village.

The inside is divided into a main nave and two smaller side ones. It has been completely renovated. 

The apse is particularly interesting because there the Holy Thorn is kept (one of the thorns that composed the crown of Christ). 

The relic has survived the centuries thanks to the devote care the inhabitants of Serra San Quirico have had in storing it. 

The thorn was first given to the church by a faithful man that took it back from the Crusades.

Photography: Alessio Brocanelli

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