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Paese dei Balocchi

Il Paese dei Balocchi
A magic spot to broaden your mind

There couldn’t be a more appropriated name to give to this event. The reference to the Collodi fable is straightforward.  

Serra San Quirico Paese dei Balocchi (Toys Country) is the living representation of the entertaining park so dear to Pinocchio

The background for this “world of kids” is the ancient city centre of the village located in the core of Le Marche. 

The characteristic medieval alleys, the small squares and the uniqueness of Le Copertelle increase the magic and charm of the place.

The event was first held in 1996. It already seems to have become history and tradition of the place thanks to the involvement of local institutions. 

The idea at the basis of the event is the love and passion for the theatre of the youths and for animation itself. 

The “Rassegna Nazionale Teatro della Scuola “ (National Theatrical Review School)  has in fact been organized for years in the village. 

The entertainment professionals exploit all their skills just for the kids’ enjoyment on the last 5 days of the month of July.  

The target is unilateral : playing for the fun of it. 

The secret of the initiative are the people involved. Children are in fact unpretentious and able to enjoy the experience at its fullest. 

The entertainment professionals make them the main characters of the unique and charming event thanks to their experience in communication and didactics.

The event stars theatrical plays, workshops (painting,  puppet fabric…) outside games, gastronomic stands… everything with the intent of recreating the charm of Paese dei Balocchi

The target is to make people drag out the child dreams that still live in them. Anyone of us has been a child, but not everyone remember to have been one.  

Photography: Alessio Brocanelli

Sponsored by
Comune di Serra San Quirico


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