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ATG - Teatro della Scuola di Serra San Quirico

"Youth Theatre Association"
The chance of teaching on a stage at a Serra San Quirico

Acting school has found a national benchmark in Rassegna Nazionale Teatro Scuola Serra San Quirico (National Theatrical Review School). 

Such an event is organized by ATG (Youth Theatre Association). It is meant to promote through peculiar activities the knowledge of acting school in Italy and abroad. 

It is also meant to spread the theatrical culture in the school through meetings, conferences, exchanging experiences

The event lasts twenty days and involves 60schools from all over Italy. 

They come to present the result of workshops held in class. 

The event offers a wide image of the situation of the theatre in Italy. Plays are accompanied by meetings with experts in theatre, animation, training for teachers, technical-scenographic workshops.

During the happening teachers and students act their plays and have a chance of assisting to other plays: so useful exchange of experiences take place from North to South – East to West. 

This experience value can’t be quantify. The target can be reached thanks to the hostels for the students and their teachers. 

During the 20 days more than two thousand students and teachers from all over Italy take part in the activities. 

The groups of students are required to stay at least three nights in Serra San Quirico, so that they can better exploit the exchange proposals, the workshops and all the activities organized each year.

ATG organizes not only Rassegna Nazionale del Teatro della Scuola (RNTS), but also the Scuola Nazionale di Teatro Educativo (National School of Educational Theatre) site and “Culla e Aquilone” a theoretical-practical workshop for teachers also thought for providing personnel for Paese Dei Balocchi event.

Photography: Alessio Brocanelli

Sponsored by
Comune di Serra San Quirico

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