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Chiesa di San Filippo

A Passage to Le Marche
A Journey through Baroque
Chiesa di San Filippo
Serra San Quirico

The Armezzani Family wanted the church to be built at the beginning of 1600. They were in fact members of the Congregation of the Oratory and faithful to the Saint.

The single nave church is characterized by two altars along each side. Just two of them are still in good overall conditions. 

A canvas portraying the Ecstasy of Saint Philip with Holy Mary and the Infant Jesus by Guido Reni was once above the main altar, a masterpiece by Gaudenzio.

A refined architecture characterizes the church. It is in fact covered by a vaulted roof, decorated with stuccoes above the altars. 

The columns are embellished by Corinthian capitals. The decoration of the entablature seems to be made following the rhythm of a baroque music.

The beautiful choir-loft was ornamented following the Scoccianti school of Jesi: a thick net of trimmings held by four flying angels. 

Architecture and sculpture are in harmony in the niches that shelter the statues of Saint Anne and the Virgin (left side) and Santa Barbara (right side).

Among the beautiful paintings, it is worth remembering Sant’Andrea Apostolo by Antonio Sarti, located on the second chapel on the left, and some other canvas by local unknown artists (XVIII century). 

The harmony of the baroque style permeates in the inside of the church. 

The outside is instead characterized by classic elements: the main entrance is in fact sustained by two double columns and overlooked by a wonderful spandrel.

Classic and Baroque are counter posed on purpose. Arts link them as it is celebration of the Truth and imitation of reality in its best shapes.   

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