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Mostra e Mercato del Fumetto

The Comics Trade Fair
of Falconara Marittima

An important comic trade fair is held at the end of August (on the last Sunday and in the two previous days) in Falconara Marittima city centre. It is organized by Falconara Marittima city Council in collaboration with Conf-Commercio sponsored by Banca delle Marche. People from all over Italy come on this occasion to find “period” comics, the stories of their favourite heroes and collectible editions. Exhibitors even come from abroad to show their merchandise at this event that is unique in the Adriatic area. 

An anthological show is set up every year. Each year is characterized by a different theme.

The Comics Trade Fair was first held in 1982. The occasion was an exposition entirely dedicated to Guido Crepax, famous author of “Valentina”. 

The notoriety of the event increased then each year. Tex Willer, Donald Duck have been among the comics that can boast a first rate place in the fair. When the 80th anniversary of Corriere dei Piccoli was celebrated a lot of original tables were collected for the occasion.

The 1988 edition was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Superman and to some of  his illustrious collegues: Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash

The centenary of the comics (1996) was celebrated in Falconara brilliantly. A huge exhibition hosted a chronological story of the most important stages of the diffusion of comics. 

A lot of American newspapers articles were collected and original tables gathered. The most spectacular section was the one dedicated to the “golden age” comics (1930). 

That was the period in which adventure comics where first written. Black and white daily strips and colour Sunday editions representing Gordon, Mandrake, Terry and the pirates, Steve Canyon, Tarzan, The man in disguise where on show.

The 2005 edition was characterized by a full commitment to the theme: “Mud, sweat and gunpowder”, It was all about Far West and cowboy stories. One of the main character was Magic Wind


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