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The Lower Esino

The lower Esino 
at Falconara Marittima

Abbeys, villages, castles make of the Esino Valley an area historically important.

The Esino springs from Monte Cafaggio and flows all through the region, passing the astonishing Gola della Rossa. 

It washes the land of the Verdicchio and its vineyards, Rocca Priora, Chiaravalle before flowing into the Adriatic sea in Falconara Marittima area.

The Esino in its 90km long journey to the sea has been witness of endless historic events, cultural, economic and environmental changes.

The lower course of the river is rich in beautiful sights. The vegetation is prosperous both in variety and beauty. 

It is in fact possible to admire the characteristic white and black poplar, red willow trees. 

They create the habitat to the beautiful wild animals that inhabit the area: night-herons, red herons, “garzette”, “moscardinoes”, foxes, badgers and weasels. 

Two paths run along the river banks. “Laura Michelangeli” path is a pedestrian only 500m route. 

It links the “Ruderi della Liscia” (Liscia ruins, once used to convey water) to the right bank of the river. There the other path begins. 

It runs parallel to the river bank, this is the reason why it is called “Sentiero Argine”. It is set in the thick and goes all the way to Chiaravalle. Molino Santinelli is probably the main attraction of this path. It is a very ancient mill dating back to 1600.

“Marco Pesaresi” cycle path starts from the left bank and gets to Chiaravalle. The path runs through the countryside. Its 6km have been provided with pic-nic areas and picturesque fencing. 

Esino Festival animates the river banks in summer time. 

Excursions along the river are accompanied by popular music and beautiful performances are on show to illustrate the use of the ancient buildings met along the way.



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