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Mercatino della Calzatura

Mercatino della Calzatura
The shoemakers in Monte Urano

...Slippers are an other handcraft. They are grossly said ciocie or chiochiere [...].The export figures are extraordinary and their strength against competition is simply astonishing [...] The variety of the production makes the difference. Monte Urano shoemakers are not limited to the typical production of common slippers. They range from the elegant footwear for ladies, to the summer shoes and lucid leather slippers for the beautiful town-girls”
(Giuseppe Branca, Fra i Sibillini e l’Adriatico, 1896).

The memories of a man that had a look around in the alleys of Monte Urano a century ago outlines the character of the village. It was already distinguished for the quality and variety of its products. 

The international notoriety that Monte Urano boasts nowadays is the result of a long handcraft tradition. Since the beginning of 1800 the first shoemakers made their appearance in the area. A Ministerial survey held in 1808 showed in fact the presence of small shoemaker laboratories. They produced “chiochiere”, plain slippers or with a weave.

Women started to contribute to the production when the first mechanic sewing machines were produced at the end of the nineteenth century. They would fringe the outsoles often working at home. After the Second World War the shoe production increased in the area of Monte Urano. The factories began to focus on youngster footwear

The success of Monte Urano firms is all given to the entrepreneurial disposition and creativity together with an always increasing degree of industrialization. Shoes made in Monte Urano are worldwide appreciated for their design and comfort and for the quality of the products used.

Every Friday night in July and the first in August see Monte Urano becoming an open air show room. Piazza della Libertà, overlooked by the Medieval Civic Tower (XIX century) hosts the Mercatino della Calzatura. The event is longed for because of the novelties presented and for warehouse prices. 

High quality products at low prices are in fact on display on the stalls in the square. Artistic exhibitions and music make the atmosphere relaxing and enjoyable for all those who want to stop for a pizza or an ice-cream.

The Mercatino could be a chance to visit the village of Monte Urano. It is perched on a hill, and is characterized by a net of typical alleys. The Tower is embellished by a Nineteenth century clock, that is still perfectly working. Porta del Sole, so called because of its exposition to the South, offers  a wonderful view of the Tenna Valley, beautifully spotted by little sparkling lights at night. The park boasts the same beautiful view that could be enjoyed while having a walk through the handcraft market on the same July nights as the Mercatino della Calzatura.

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