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Gaspare Spontini's house

Casa Spontini
Via Gaspare Sponti, 15 - Maiolati S. (Ancona)
Gaspare Spontini  
(Maiolati 14/11/1774 1792 - Parigi,1868)

Gaspare Spontini home is a must for everyone who wants to visit the houses of musicians in Marche (it is in fact part of the Museo Diffuso project and also "Parco della Musica".

 Spontini and his wife, Celeste Erard wanted the construction of this house. They had in fact longed for coming back to Maiolati after the long business travels of the artist. 

Unfortunately for health problems of the couple and for the difficult moment that Italy lived in 1848 they managed to see their dream come true just one year before Spontini’s death. 

The house was then left vacant because Celeste Erard went back to Paris. It was later used for different purposes. 

It was first headquarter of the Pious operas and then Town Hall from 1920 to 1936. It was then temporarily occupied by a Primary School until 1951. 

It was on 6th September 1951 in fact that it was officially opened as Museum in the occasion of the Centenary of Spontini’s death. The museum outlook and the didactic itinerary were renovated in the year 2000 on commission of Maiolati Town Hall. 

A great benefit concert, conducted by Mr Riccardo Muti accompanied the reopening of the museum to the public in November of the same year. All the income were devolved to the Pious operas ‘Spontiniane’.

The house is developed on two floors. The décor tends to evoke the atmosphere of the years in which Mr and Mrs Spontini lived more than the actual outlook of the house at the time. In fact the museum is organized to highlight the life of the artist and his music. The ground floor is all dedicated to Spontini. 

All his artistic development, the Italian moment, the French and the German ones is told through the display of letters, of the artists belongings, of robes, of drawings, musical scores and instruments: two Erard pianofortes. Fragments of everyday life are instead stored on the first floor, together with renovated furniture of the time. All the visit in the museum is carried out on the notes of Spontini, so that you will fully be entangled by the magic of the time.

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