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Oasi WWF Ripa Bianca

Oasi WWF
Oasi Ripa Bianca

In the countryside around Jesi, half way between the sea and the Gola della Rossa, you’ll discover a beautiful corner of nature which stretches out along the river Esino. It’s the natural Oasis of Ripa Bianca (the name refers to the light coloured earth of clay and sand), a place where man had originally left his mark on the landscape through past activities but which nature has been able to bring back to harmony.

Around the cultivated fields, dotted with oaks, poppies and mulberry trees and edged with hawthorn hedges and privets, the river vegetation is reclaiming its own environment, producing reed beds which act as a nesting place for many species of birds such as kestrels, pheasants, cuckoos, barn owls, kingfishers, nightingales, chaffinches and various others. In addition, there are numerous birds which live there all year round (such as the buzzard and woodpecker) and also those which migrate in winter such as the heron, the cormorant and the robin.

In summer, the majestic calanchi are coloured with bright yellow flowers of wild broom, dominating from high the land which has been damaged over the years, yet today, with the Oasis’s reservoir nature has been able to recreate the perfect place to host numerous nests of nitticore (the species chosen for the symbol of the Oasis), garzette and moorhens.

The meandering paths, created by the WWF who together with the Environmental Office of the Comune of Jesi manage the Oasis of Ripa Bianca, allow you to get that little bit closer to nature. Amongst the hawthorn hedges and privets you may just come across the various animals that have made their homes there such as hedgehogs, moles and hares as well as foxes, badgers and weasels. They are paths which deepen the characteristics of the various environments present in the reserve, from agriculture to the river and bird watching.

Besides being a visitors centre for the local school children and other visitors, the reserve also hosts exhibitions and didactic materials, using all the colours which allow you to get to know more about the nature of this territory in all its forms and to appreciate how much man, helped by a generous and indulgent nature, has been able to recuperate a place which has been considerably damaged in the past.

The Oasis of Ripa Bianca is therefore a magnificent example of how man can go back in his footsteps and help restore the land back to nature, providing a better environment for the future for all.

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