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Il Museo della Città

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Ancona is a complex city that has been subjected to repeated invasions and for this reason is rich with cultural fusion and artistic overlapping.

The city possesses a number of artistic and architectural jewels set in all corners of the city that only the most attentive and curious visitors will succeed in finding.

For this reason, before embarking on a journey of discovery through the city, we recommend visiting the City Museum, which allows you to understand the regional capital by recounting the most significant events in its history from the second millennium BC up to the present day, favouring a comparison between the ancient and the modern city.

Like all Ancona’s artistic jewels, at first glance the City Museum is not easily recognisable: it is situated in Piazza del Plebiscito, a splendid civic ‘living room’ crowned with bars and kiosks, but to reach it you must cross the square in the direction of the stairs that exit towards the Church of St. Domenico, walk towards the statue of Pope Clementine XII — arriving to catch sight of the impressive massive building from the bottom up — and enter through a little door extracted in the right-handed wall.

Inside, the ancient Ankon lives again through archaeological finds, works of art, topographic maps, documents and, above all, reconstructed plastic models, educational panels and thematic videos that describe periods and phases of a history older than a thousand years old.

Founded in 2000, the Museum is characterised by a modern set up which is spread out across almost 600 squared metres extracted from the recovery of the 13th century Saint Thomas of Canterbury Hospital, of premises that used to be a fishmongers founded in 1817 and of basement rooms.

The museum is part of the Diffuse Urban Museum, a multimedia project that through the use of modern technologies allows you to discover and experience the cultural, artistic and many attractive naturalistic treasures found in Ancona.

All you have to do to discover the piazzas, churches, palaces, walls and monuments is download the free guide for the iPhone from the App Store.

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