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Parco del Cormorano

Il Parco del Cormorano 
at  Falconara Marittima

Arboreto and Orto Botanico are set on a low land sided by the Esino river, just a short way from the sea. Typical environments of the area have been recreated in the 2,6ha park. Pre-existing species have been provided for, and new ones have been planted.

The closeness to the river makes it a perfect place for black poplars, willow trees and maples and typical vegetation of wet areas. The Arboreto area has been created with live oaks, olive trees, ever-greens such as laurel, Viburno and Phyllirea. The North-West area is enclosed by an autochthonous hedge. Inside a fruit orchard has been planted. Typical fruit trees of Le Marche countryside have been chosen such as “prugnolo”, apple tree, peach tree, pomegranate tree.

Parco del Cormorano” stretches along the left bank of the Esino river, close to the sea and beautifully surmounted by the Priora Fortress.

A 6km bicycle path runs through the park to Chiaravalle. The 12ha park is embellished by two ponds once exploited for gravel, that are now the joy of fishing-lovers. Bird-watchers would love the place as well. Migrant and local resident birds come and go to the waters of the lakes before flying into the thick to their nests. The bird variety is astonishing. It is possible to find goldfinches, swallows, “pendolini”, kingfishers, “sgazza ciuffetto”, “pittime reali”, the lively ballerine. The stars of the place, due to their beauty and rarity, are the great red heron and the unique “spatola”.

A large playground is at your disposal for pic-nics on days out.

The park gets crowded with events in summertime. Concerts and shows are organized by Falconara Marittima city Council to exploit the beauty of the river environment, and the artistic and historic beauties of Bassa Vallesina. Local delicacies and naturalistic tours make the experience worth having. 

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