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Le Marche

The touristic harbour of Senigallia has been for centuries a vital part of the town. Already at the time of the lords of Urbino, the Della Rovere, Senigallia it was the center of maritime trade of the entire duchy.

The port has been and is an opportunity to meet people from other lands and cultures. Along the canal took place trades in grain, timber, spices and manufactured products, and during the years of greatest splendor arrived up to 500 boats on the port in occasion of the great fair.

The port facility has been recently renovated by overcoming the difficulties caused by shallow water navigation. Around the port have developed important activities such as fishing, recreational tourism and shipbuilding. Regarding fishing it is an ancient tradition of Senigallia.

Every morning the fishermen sell fish freshly caught in the fish market on the pier. The event "Azzurro come il mare " is devoted entirely to the hard work of the fisherman. This event takes place in late April and enhances the work of the fisherman, an activity that takes place during the night. "Azzurro come il mare " is an interesting alternative for tourists who want to spend a weekend in Senigallia characterized by the sea and its fruits.

It is an opportunity to meet the fishermen with their boats and their catch by return in the morning, listen to stories and learn the secrets to pass the tastes of good marchisan food. The event is dedicated to the blue fish and is called for this reason "Azzurro come il mare ."

This is a quality of fish abundant in the Adriatic Sea. Once the blue fish was regarded as a "poor" fish, blue fish today as well as anchovies, sardines, mackerel, are used to implement sophisticated and tasty meals. The tasting anchovies, grilled bluefish, etc.. are obviously always accompanied by good wine. In the port live and work over to the fisherman the various sports associations such as the Cima Sub, Tuna Club, Navy League, Club Nautico. Cima Sub has since its inception in 1976, consistently promoted "the knowledge of the sea ." Numerous initiatives related to education, marine biology and knowledge of distant seas.

Besides to the characteristic tightly port and the various groups who flock to the port, there is an area dedicated to a statue: the "Penelope". This statue was created by sculptor Giovanni Guerra in 2004. The statuette takes the name from the mythical legend of Ulysses and Penelope, who waited for the return of her man for almost twenty years.

Also the men who venture into the sea leaves from the port of Senigallia . Their desire is to return home after a long labor, and embrace their family. The Penelope is right there ready to welcome the sailors to return to port and fully represents the concept of love. In fact, many young lovers used to put a padlock on the statue of Penelope and throw the keys into the sea. Penelope has become a symbol of Senigallia and is celebrated, with many young married couples on "La Rotonda a mare" .

Particularly suggestive is to visit the port by night. The lighting of the port gives unique moments of relaxation, accompanied by this magnificent seascape, from the statue of the Penelope and the structure " La Rotonda a mare". Not to be missed are the fireworks on the sea that attracts so many people on the beaches of Senigallia and this event takes place in August.


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