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Gioacchino Rossini's house

Casa Rossini
Via Rossini, 34 Pesaro (Pesaro e Urbino)
Gioacchino Rossini  
(Pesaro,1792 - Parigi,1868)

Rossini’s birth place is among the musicians houses that are worth visiting in Marche. It conceals in fact a rich museum (part of the Marche project ‘Museo Diffuso’) and a ‘Parco della Musica’.

The house, a typical urban construction, was built throughout the fifteenth and the seventeenth century. 

There Gioacchino Rossini was born on 29th February 1792. His mother, Anna Guadarini, was a milliner and a good singer. 

His father, Antonio Rossini was a musician. It was him that prompted the first approach of Gioacchino to the music. 

He was first taught in singing and in playing both the spinet (ndt-a string instrument) and the horn. His studies were mainly focused on the music of Mozart and Haydn. 

This is the reason why he was nicknamed ‘Tedeschino’ (little German). When he was attending the high school in Pesaro he was awarded a prize for the composition of ‘Pianto d’armonia per la morte di Orfeo’. 

He soon started to travel all around Europe. In his journeys he reached Venice, Bologna, Naples, Rome and later also Paris, London and Vienna. There he met the old Beethoven.

He made occasional journeys back to Pesaro, essentially for work. His life was now settled in Paris. There he was the director of the ‘Théâtre Italien’, and there death found him on 13th November 1868.

Going on from where we started Rossini’s house can be described as a four storey building plus a cellar. It has a rectangular plant enlarged by an inside square yard. The house was built in the fourteenth century. 

Later two stories were added to the primitive block and the outline of the windows was changed. It underwent a further restoration in the first decades of 1700. The front was completely rebuilt. The lofts height was raised and the inside disposition changed.

It was turned into a museum in 1898 when the house was given to Pesaro Municipality. Lots of legacy have made it a mirror of Gioacchino Rossini life. Mementos, prints, portraits trace the life and music of the great artist. 

The core of the collection is composed of the 160 pieces that the Frenchman Alphons Hubert Martel gave with a legacy to Pesaro high school that is now kept in the museum. 

On the ground floor there are all the prints representing the main interpreters of the Rossini productions of the last years. 

The first floor is all dedicated to the portraits of the musician. Among the others there are a painting and two etchings by Dore (1869) that depict him while lying on his death bed. An other remarkable work is an oil on canvas by Marie Francoise Constance La Martinière.

The underground floor is provided with a panoramic screen where films of the Rossini Opera Festival are projected. 

The Didactic section of the Museum organizes every year activities in collaboration with the local school. 

The initiative ‘OperiAmo’ (we love the opera) involves every summer children and their parents in the discovery of one of Rossini operas.

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