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Abbazia di San Vittore alle Chiuse

Abbazia San Vittore alle Chiuse


The first mentions of the Abbey date back to 1007 and are taken from documents. In them, lords of the area mention lands. The Abbey is located in a mountain gorge (hence the name “alle chiuse, in the narrowing) close to the river Sentino. It thrived during the 12th century, when it subdued the ancient lords of the area. Its slow decay began when the Municipalities started to gain power. In 1406 it was united to the Olivetan monastery of Saint Catherine of Fabriano. 


The Abbey is a splendid example of Italian Romanesque style; its planimetry is marked by a central, Greek cross design, inserted in a square. Five apses project from it, and above them is a low octagonal lantern. Inside the abbey, the circular-base pillars hold round arches. Small hanging arches and flat pillar strips decorate the exterior part. A tower with a rectangular base, emerging from the whole structure, makes the façade heavier. The tower was certainly built later (in the 14th century) for defense purposes.

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