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Abbazia San Claudio al Chienti

Abbazia di San Claudio al Chienti 

The problem of identifying San Claudio al Chienti has not been solved yet.

It has always been considered an Abbey, yet no historical document defines it as an abbey. Some letters from Fermo, dating back to the 12th century, mention the “Parish church” of San Claudio. 

A change from monastery to parish church in the 11th century cannot be ruled out. Its particular architectural structure is important, the style is typical of the churches in Ravenna, such as Sant’ Apollinare in Classe. 

The building is divided in two planes, and has a square design, with three apses on the backside and two on the sidewalls. Beside the façade visitors may admire two cylindrical towers in the typical style of churches in Ravenna. 

The external side staircase, the gallery and the portal of the upper church were added in the 12th century. 

The church was probably accessed through the spiral staircases within the two angular towers. In that period the church was partly rebuilt after being attacked by the inhabitants of Macerata in 1212. 

The lower church has cross vaults and two small frescoes of 1486, portraying Saints Claude and Rocco.

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