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How do I order? Easily!

Make your selection.  Our on-line shop aims to bring to your home the gastronomic delights of the Marche, allowing you to enjoy products you may well already know or those with which we hope to entice you. Upon entering the shop you will find a user-friendly list, offering all the specialities that our merchant, Bonta' delle Marche, has chosen for you. Click on a category, such as wine or pasta, and you will find further information about the particular product which interests you. Once you've had time to explore the gastronomical delights we offer, or if you already know what you want, click 'GO SHOPPING' and select the goods you would like from the list.

Product information.  We aim to provide you with as much information about the product as possible, including a description of its particular characteristics, the method of production and advice on its use. We want you to know absolutely everything about your product from how it tastes to which other food it complements. We will provide suggestions on how to you use it in the kitchen, where and how it's been made, and any other information we think may be useful to help you enjoy your product thoroughly. Please note that prices refer only to the products, whilst transport costs are provided upon completion of the order.  

Placing your order.  Once you have made your selection and are ready to order, simply place the items in the basket and proceed to the checkout. Alternatively, you might like to return to other sections of the site and search for other specialities to try, perhaps a little burro al tartufo to combine with your tagliatelle all’uovo, or one of our excellent white wines for that special occasion. All you have to do is search the list, consult the product information, eventually adding new products to the basket. Of course you can modify the contents of the basket up until placing the order.  

Delivery details.  Finally you have made your selection and everything is in the basket.  The only thing to do now is to tell us where and when you would like your goods to be delivered. Complete the form with your personal details, where you would like the parcel delivered and the date by which you would like to receive your products. Should you become one of our regular clients, your details will be retained within the system, saving you time on your subsequent orders yet allowing you of course the possibility to change the delivery address. Perhaps you would like the package to come to your home address or possibly the office. Would you like us to deliver to your holiday home? We'll deliver where you want and also when you want: perhaps you'd like us to deliver the ingredients for a dinner you're having in a few weeks, for the Christmas period or for a wedding anniversary. Simply put in the date you need our help by and we will be here to assist you. Should you wish to send a surprise parcel to someone special, please indicate the name and place of delivery as well as including your Paradise Possible customer details. 

Transport. You can choose your preferred method of transport for delivery and, therefore, how much to spend. With  Express you will have the parcel at your house within three working days from the date of the order. With Express the transport is by air, which is perfect for light and urgent parcels: usually your parcel is delivered within just two days, but to be on the safe side we prefer to calculate three. The Economy solution however, offers transport by road: in this case four working days are needed but the cost is clearly less, particularly for heavier packages. Therefore, if you want to stock up on wine or oil, we recommend this as the more economical option. This is only advice and you can decide yourself between the two options. Transport costs will appear at the end of the order, separately from the goods placed in the basket. Having chosen your preferred method of transport, we recommend you take a last look at your shopping list, check that you have included everything and in the required amounts and then place the order.  

Payment.  Purchases at the Marche Food & Wine shop are paid online by credit card to Bonta’ delle Marche S.r.l., our merchant partner.  For this part of the process, Paradise Possible and Bonta' delle Marche have selected Banca Sella, an established leading bank within Italy for payment online. Banca Sella offer the best possible guarantee of both efficiency and security when conducting on-line business. The transactions are made with an SSL connection encrypted in 128 bit.  Although the payment is pre-authorised at the time of the order, your credit card will not be debited until the moment your parcel leaves Bonta' delle Marche with TNT Traco and is on its way to you.  After payment, you will receive an invoice from Bonta' delle Marche S.r.l.  

Confirmation.  As soon as your on-line order is sent to us, we will immediately send you a confirmation e-mail listing the goods requested. Please read it carefully as this will be the last opportunity to make any amendments. Should you notice any inaccuracy, please send an email letting us know as soon as possible since we can only make corrections at the commencement of the order. So after having selected our delicious dishes, we advise you to check the order on your e-mail before coming off the Internet. 

Packaging. The packaging is our responsibility and an element of our guarantee to you. The products are individually wrapped and assembled with care. For every parcel we will try to find the best method of packaging for your goods, allowing you to order all the variety and quantity of goods you'd like. All the specialities will arrive intact and ready to enjoy. 

The journey. As soon as your parcel leaves Bonta' delle Marche, you will receive an email with the tracking number from DHL. In this way you can track your parcel, stage by stage through the courier's website, and foresee exactly when you'll hear the knock at the door.

The parcel arrives. The courier will deliver to you a beautifully packaged box. We ask that you open it and check that everything is as requested. If there is a problem don't worry. We aim to offer the best possible after sales guarantee. If the parcel is simply wrong or if an article is damaged, you can contact us through our help desk service. If you have any doubts or queries, you may find an easy answer by looking on our "False problems" section. If, however, a bottle is broken or you're missing your cantuccini, please read the next point.  

Our guarantee. Paradise Possible pays maximum care and attention to its selection of high quality articles selected from reputable and reliable producers. The selected goods are individually checked during the preparation of the parcel and are packed with all the attention necessary to ensure their safe journey with DHL, world leader in courier services. Unfortunately human errors can occur, but at Paradise Possible we try to think of every possible eventuality. So, if for some reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, we ask you to contact our help service as soon as possible by sending an email to shop@paradisepossible.com.  Our UK customers can also contact us on 0870 605 0021. Paradise Possible will immediately organise for a courier to be sent to your home to collect the merchandise you're not satisfied with (at our expense of course).

At this point you can choose between the following options:

A. Place a new order, completely free of charge, requesting a new delivery of the goods;

B. Ask us to send the products with your next order (free of charge), which may be more convenient if you're a regular client;

C. Ask for the credit (refund) of the cost of the products ordered.

To be truthful, we hope that you don't choose option C as we'd be most disappointed that because of a little hitch you didn't have the opportunity to taste our marvellous foods. Finally we offer a last suggestion: before doing anything, read the section "False problems" because it's possible that there you will find the answer to your question. Either way, we are here to help find the best solution to the problem.   

False problems. Perishable products come vacuum-packed to ensure their preservation whilst in transit. Given that our goods are all natural products and do not contain preservatives, depending on the product, an outer protective layer could appear, for example an oily coat on the cheese or a greenish colouring on the cured meats. However don't be deceived: with a damp cloth just wipe the surface of the product and it will be ready for you to enjoy. We advise that you always try to consume the products at room temperature allowing them to fully release their perfumes and aromas. If you decide to preserve them in the fridge, we recommend you put them in the lowest part, where the cold will not directly hit them. At certains times of the year you may find that the cheese has a slightly bitter taste; this is because when the sheep graze they feed predominantly off fresh grass which confers this characteristic to the product; or it may just be that you have kept it too long in the fridge and without  the care needed for that particular product.  Finally, a word of wisdom: the absolute best way of preserving a product is to eat it as soon as possible!  

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