Marche Food & Wine


Paradise Possible is not just tourism, art, landscape and territory: it’s all that and much more.
Broadly speaking, it also means Taste. Taste for discovering the flavours of Le Marche: a real pleasure for the palate.
Starting by an accurate selection and research, Paradise Possible is able to offer you the pearls of the wine and food tradition in Le Marche, telling you the history, the qualities, the benefits and the characteristics of each product through the product data sheets, the Multimedia Gallery and the Blog in the Food & Wine Shop section of our website. 

the products of the wine and food tradition in Le Marche not only means eating but also knowing what we are eating.
We live in a time in which we have access to food products without knowing anything about their origin, their production and, above all, without taking into account what such products will bring to our body.
Paradise Possible is going to tell you the health facts of each product, through interviews with the producers and on-site visits, by thoroughly selecting the products in order to come to a healthy choice.
In the product profile pages you can find detailed information, so that you can be aware of what you are going to purchase. Through the “My own Paradise” blog, you can follow the entire checkup we carry out for each product directly on site: from the beekeeper to the pasta maker, from the oil mills to the wineries or from the cheese factories to the handmade confectionery.
We will tell you about their history, from the details and the particular origins of a product, to the careful dedication of each producer of our collection… or basket, if you prefer, because we are convinced that it’s the sum of the individual parts that makes the excellence of the whole.
We don’t just want to introduce good products seducing the eyes and the palate; in a time in which we can rapidly do the shopping on the Internet just relying on the writings on the labels, according to which everything is traditional and natural, our aim is also to nourish your knowledge and awareness of what you get in your meal.
Consumers now want to know what they get. Therefore, we will only deal with products we know and write about, together with their origins and the beauty of the area in which they are produced.
In our Food & Wine Shop, we pay particular attention to allergies, indicating those products containing gluten, lactose, hazelnuts etc. This responds to the need for a responsible purchase in the full respect of allergic consumers, who can be sure to buy allergen-free products in our shop.
Our shop is different from the others: entertaining with its stories, helpful and usefully informative about what we are going to eat . Moreover - why not - it could also help you become a sort of good food expert, to be able to tell your guests tasty stories while letting the magic of food and words enthral them.
We are convinced that everything tastes better, when enjoyed with complete awareness.