Marche Food & Wine


(practical and economical advantage)

The Paradise Possibile Shop offers a new and advantageous way to buy from the Internet.
Subscribing to the Shop, you will become a member of the Paradise Possibile Community where you will have the chance to join the Food&Wine products, selected according to the criteria of “eating healthy ” and “ eating well” (read Our Promise) and best quality. Each product is fully described as far as ingredients and nutritional values, possible allergens and history of the producer are concerned.

By subscribing to the Community, you can buy each product at a special price: this will allow you to buy saving time and money, and in the meantime, thanks to the information provided, you will acquire a culture of the product and, of healthy food in general. We are committed to offer you a shopping cart rich in healthy, tasty and controlled solutions, besides offering you the symbols of the best eno-gastronomy of Le Marche.

No chemical products, no additives or flavourings that alter the original taste.

PP will be your personal “Quality controller”.

How can you subscribe?
While taking the real and virtual “visitor” among the treasures offered by the Marche region, Paradise Possible intends to spread the knowledge and the possibility to taste the products of the eno-gastronomy of Le Marche.
With a subscription fee of 15 € (valid for 3 moths for the first subscription and 2 months afterwards) Paradise Possible offers you also the possibility to purchase products from The Shop at an advantageous price, since you are a “member” of the Community.
Thanks to this system, the more you use the subscription mode, the more you earn and you can rapidly re—gain your subscription fee and take advantage of the best discounted prices as much as you can. Starting from your first order you will cover the subscription fee of the Club.

Within the Shop List, you will find both standard and “member" prices: you will therefore easily understand the advantage of being a member subscribed to the Paradise Possible Community.