Casale del Calanco


1201 / Casale del Calanco / Offida

Casale del Calanco is a large farmhouse (500sqm) already registered at the Urban Cadastre. The property includes additional 150sqm of building surface thanks to the annexes. Casa del Calanco is in a quiet position, with easy access to the main road and panoramic views. The property is on sale at 250,000€

Located on a spur on the left side of the low Tronto valley, Offida is both important for its remarkable artistic and monumental heritage, and for trade and industrial activities connected to agricultural production. Craftwork includes the pillow lace (the remotest written information on lace dates back to 1476 in Ferrara and to 1511 in Offida). These fabrics, finely embroidered, were exported in early 17th century outside the Marca by Jewish merchants. Those keen on admiring the manufacturing of pillow laces have the chance to observe the whole process, penetrating into the typical small streets of the historic centre, where pillow lace makers use to work in summer.


Casa colonica di mq. 500 già accatastata ed uteriori mq. 150 di annessi ubicata in zona tranquilla nelle vicinanze del paese con comoda strada di accesso e vista panoramica sulla collina.


Euro 250.000,00

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