Casale delle Grazie


1163 / Casale delle Grazie / Montegiberto

Casale delle Grazie is a characteristic farmhouse constituted by two harmonic and symmetric bodies for an average size of 240sqm. The property is beautifully surrounded by fields and the views it boasts are on green gentle hills. There is also an annexe to be restored for additional 45sqm that can be converted into a garage or a small independent dwelling. Casale delle Grazie and 7 ha of land are on sale at 240,000€.

Montegiberto, as is the custom of these areas that weddings are prepared well in advance and one accumulates a trousseau to bring as a dowry to the person one is going to marry, this town offers a special dowry to its visitors in the form of “lu pizzottu”, this sweet brown bread with a round shape, made from fragrant maize and flavoured with raisins, figs and nuts.


Casale delle Grazie è una caratteristica casa di campagna costituita da due corpi armonici e simmetrici, e si estende per circa 240mq. La proprietà è splendidamente circondata da campi coltivati e gode vedute sulle dolci colline circostante. É presente un annesso di circa 45mq.


Casale delle Grazie e 7ha di terreno sono in vendita a 240,000€.

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