Complex Olivia Project


1151 / Complex Olivia Project / Fano

Complex Oliva is a period villa of about 900sqm that is undergoing restoration. It is situated in a small village and its park with century old trees is completly enclosed. Nine apartments and a swimming pool will be realized. The materials used are top quality ones and from the apartments you get marvellous seaviews. The apartments are on sale from 240,000€ to 480,000€ according to dimension.

The important and rich past of this Roman colony is traced back through the Augustus Arch (the 2nd c), parts of the town walls, statues, mosaics and through the regular urban scheme itself. High town walls and merlon gates belong to the Middle Ages. Noble palaces date back to different centuries. For example, Palazzo della Ragione, with annexed Teatro della Fortuna (the Theatre of Fortune), dates back to the 14th century. The 13th c Cathedral is enriched with frescoes of Domenichino, while in the Church of St Maria Nuova there are works of Perugino and an altar polyptych attributed to Raffaello. There are also Tombs and Corte Malatestiana. This court with porch houses the Civic Museum and the Art Gallery collecting works of art of valuable artists.


Il complesso Olivia verrà realizzato in una villa del 1500 di circa 900mq. La proprietà è situata in un contesto residenziale ed il parco con alberi centenari è completamente recintato da mura. Saranno realizzati nove appartamenti ed una piscina. Le finiture sono di pregio e dagli appartamenti si gode di vista mare.


I prezzi vanno dalle 240,000€ alle 480,000€.

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