Casa Settempeda

San Severino Marche

1110 / Casa Settempeda / San Severino Marche

Casale Settempeda is to be completely restored. Its beauty and the ancient and traditional materials used to built it make the restoration worth the while for sure. It is surrounded by 4,000sqm of land. The property is on sale at 100,000€.


Its large territory, situated in the high valley of the Potenza river, has a very rich heritage of the different ages, since the prehistory up to nowadays. The town dates back to the roman Septempeda, risen on the left of the Potenza river, in the resort of Pieve, not far from the present town centre.4th century.

Short Description

On a slight hill-top in the Marche hinterland, near San Severino, equidistant from the sea and the mountains, a farm-house to be completely restored, with 4000 esq. of court surrounding it. Its simple stone structure is very attractive.

The property is for sale at 100.000€.-

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