Casa sul lago


1108 / Casa sul lago / Pievefavera

Casa su lago is an old stone farmhouse consisting of 5 rooms on each of the two floors. The building is surrounded by a large yard. All connections are a short way off from the house. The costs for obtaining them are contained. The beauty of the house is especially given by its position that offers a stunning view on the lake of Caccamo. The place is within easy reach from the motorway and also from Ancona Airport. The property is on sale at 120,000€.


Pievefavera is located near the Caccamo Lake in the Serrapetrona area. Serrapetrona is a village of great artistic and historical interest. At the foot of the village there is Lake Borgiano a good place for fishing, canoeing and rowing. Here the well-known Vernaccia di Serrapetrona, a D.O.C. wine is produced. It has the colour of garnet or ruby with a characteristic taste.

Short Description

The old stone farmhouse consisting of 5 rooms on the main floor (piano nobile) and 5 rooms on the other floor, as all the traditional buildings, it includes a cellar and a court.<(p>

All the min services (water, electric and gas) have few connected. It is located in a old hill-top town and offers a vary panoramic view overlooking the lake of Caccamo.

It is located at a few km from the Superstrada, at 1 hr from the Ancona Airport and at 20 min. from the Sibylline Mountains ski resort.

The property is for sale at 120.000€.-

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