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Enjoy a weekend fit for princes in the grounds of ancient castles. Dive into the deep blue of the swimming pool, and soak in sea of infinite luxury and wellbeing.

A stay at San Settimo means total relaxation and pampering. Those who are looking to unwind have the whole wellbeing centre at their disposal, as well as the elegant building to enjoy. There are quad bikes and off-road vehicles available for those who prefer to explore the surrounding area. We at Paradise Possible suggest that you explore the small fortified towns, castles and fortresses that, within a few square kilometers, constitute the region’s entire medieval architectural heritage.

We also suggest a stroll in Serra de’Conti, which is enclosed by fortified walls and polygonal towers. Immerse yourself in the daily routine of the Poor Clares at the Museo delle Arti Monastiche, an astounding multisensory experience where you can discover a timeless place, like the delectable medieval town in which it is found. Waiting to greet you upon your arrival in Serra de’Conti is the beautiful fresco of the Porta della Croce.

Don’t miss the opportunity do discover Arcevia’s castles, which originally went by the name of Rocca Contrada and for centuries were a holiday destination for lords and nobles. Walk down the streets of the historical centre and along the city’s defensive walkways breathing in the atmosphere of a bygone age, arriving finally at the belvedere, where your gaze follows the valleys down to the Adriatic sea. Archaeology lovers can linger for a while in the museo archeologico. You can also visit the most evocative castles of Arcevia; medieval fortifications built between the 14th and 15th century, where time seems to stand still.

There’s Piticchio, with its narrow alleyways and steep flights of steps; Palazzo, made entirely out of sandstone and clinging to the mountainside; Loretello, founded by the monks of Fonte Avellana and conserving to this day its original gate and three-arched bridge.


All the Benefits of Booking through Paradise Possible 

• 10% discount on all accommodations recommended by Paradise Possible 

• possibility of visiting historical assets that are not usually available and not opened to the public 

• assistance of experienced guides in art history with interpreter 

• availability of the municipalities where the property is located 

• availability of tourist reception at the farm contracted 

• quality of courses tailor-made by experts for every itinerary 

• assistance of experienced guides to adventure sports on the nature parks 

• flexibility to take advantage of the itinerary with the same services for arrangement in  group or in pairs.

Costs and methods of  Payment 

• Each itinerary will be priced individually; 

• For every booking of the itinerary it will be required  a  pay contribution for the number of people who will benefit of the Itinerary (*)  to Paradise Possible and the 30% deposit for booking of accommodation at the selected facility. 

• The methods of payment  will be indicated by  Paradise Possible,  while  the facility itself will show its own.  

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