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The mystery of the Sibilla

An excursion to La Sibilla is a journey like no other, uniting nature, history and fantasy and unraveling an intricate tale of knights, fairies and wizards whose stories connect this land to a bygone age.

La Sibilla is the most mysterious mountain of the Monti Azzurri and even the entire Appennine range. Though its peak which, at 2173 metres may not be the highest, the many legends that it has provoked throughout the centuries have been sufficient to allow this mountain to give its name to the whole surrounding zone

The myth tells of a cave on the mountain’s summit, where there dwelt a queen of the underworld, the Sibilla (known in English as the ‘Sybil’). This queen was thought to have lured knights and men from all over Europe, whom she would tempt into sin and then imprison in the bowels of the earth. 

Legend has it that in 420 Antoine de la Sale, a knight from the French court, arrived at Montemonaco, from which he set off for the summit of the Monte della Sibilla. The knight in question had probably been strongly influenced by the novel ‘Il Guerrin Meschino” which the writer, Andrea da Barberino, had published a few years before. Il Guerrin Meschino was a Knight of the Cross who had never known his parents. Upon arriving in Italy he was informed of the Sibilla’s ability to see into the past and the future. After an exhausting journey he arrived at the cave’s entrance, and descended into the depths of the mountain. There the Sibilla held him under her spell for a year, attempting to corrupt and keep him under her control. The young knight, however, decided to return to the earth’s surface and flee the queen. Once he was above ground, he went directly to see the Pope in Rome to ask for the forgiveness of his sins. 

However, according to local tradition the Sibilla was a sort of good fairy, or even the ‘queen of the fairies’, an enchantress surrounded by handmaidens who would amuse themselves by dancing with the inhabitants of the valley. According to local lore her presence has always been felt, such as the episode when the Sibilla, enraged with the inhabitants of Colfiorito and, wanting to rouse respect for her handmaidens, unleashed a rainstorm of stones over the land. 

In short, Monte Sibilla is a very strange mountain and to really conquer it one must first overcome its ‘corona’ (crown). But what, indeed, would the Sibilla be without her magical crown?

If you are already packing for your adventure, this site has valuable information about what equipment to bring with you.

Park guide: Marta Zarelli. Tel: 3334310165; email: info@quattropassi.org

Don’t miss….

Fiastra: Facing onto the lake that gave it its name, Fiastra is an evocative place located between the mountains and woods, with waters as clear as glass. Here you can practice competitive salmon trout fishing, waterskiing, as well as just relaxing on the little beach. 

Montemonaco: With incredible panoramic views at an altitude of 988 meters, Montemonaco is an ideal starting point for excursions to the Monti Sibillini and the Lago di Pilato. 

Amandola: Born in 1248, Amandola is enriched by an urban enclave unique in its genre, encompassing three castles (Leone, Marrubbione, Agello) at different altitudes on the Monte Rotondo. 

How to get there 

By car:

the meeting point is in Fiastra.

To get there by the A 14 –Tthis area can be reached from the Adriatic Coast thanks to the SS77 superstrada which links Civitanova Marche to Maddalena di Muccia. Exit at Camerino, and then carry on towards Foligno. Make a left at Polverina and continue on for 11km.

From Rome- Take the A1 autostrada exiting at Orte. Follow along the SS 204 towards Terni-Spoleto. Here you can continue in direction Perugia until the junction of the SS Tre Valli Umbre direction Visso-Macerata, where you exit at the tunnel ‘Forca di Cerro’. Alternatively, from Terni you can take the SS 209 Valnerina direction Visso-Macerata. From Visso continue on for around 4km in direction Macerata and follow signs to Cupi di Visso. From Cupi follow signs to Fiastra, where you will find the way clearly marked.

See the map here.

By plane:

The nearest airport is the airport Ancona-Falconara. We advise you to hire a car, or to book a car-hire service with a driver by writing to us here: travel@paradisepossible.com.

By boat:

The nearest port is the Porto di Ancona. We advise you to hire a car, or to book a car-hire service with a driver by writing to us here: travel@paradisepossible.com.

By train:

Both Ancona and Ascoli Piceno station are served by high-speed trains, AV and ES, and the Adriatic Coast is served well by the regional train service. For more information and timetables:  www.trenitalia.it. 

Where to stay 

Amandola / Tenuta Le Piane 

L’Agriturismo Antica Tenuta Le Piane is a complex with many different rural characteristics. The farmhouses are constructed from local stone and have wooden beams, and are comfortably and tastefully furnished. Situated in the heart of a friendly and welcoming area, 3km from Amandola. 

Petritoli / Agriturismo MES 

In the heart of the countryside, MES is immersed in a special atmosphere that inspires you to discover (or rediscover) a truer contact with nature. There are many different opportunities for entertainment: from swimming in the pool to archery, from cookery courses to walks in the woods. You can also purchase organic farm products from the shop.

Sarnano / Casa Vacanze Il Glicine 

Moments away from the thermal spa complex, Case per Vacanze Il Glicine is in a peaceful setting only 400 metres from the centre of Sarnano, a splendid medieval town perched on a hill on the north-eastern slope of the Monti Sibillini. 

 All the Benefits of Booking through Paradise Possible 

• 10% discount on all accommodations recommended by Paradise Possible 
• possibility of visiting historical assets that are not usually available and not opened to the public 
• assistance of experienced guides in art history with interpreter 
• availability of the municipalities where the property is located 
• availability of tourist reception at the farm contracted 
• quality of courses tailor-made by experts for every itinerary 
• assistance of experienced guides to adventure sports on the nature parks 
• flexibility to take advantage of the itinerary with the same services for arrangement in  group or in pairs.

Costs and methods of  Payment :

• Each itinerary will be priced individually;

• For every booking of the itinerary it will be required  a  pay contribution for the number of people who will benefit of the Itinerary (*)  to Paradise Possible and the 30% deposit for booking of accommodation at the selected facility. 
• The methods of payment  will be indicated by  Paradise Possible,  while  the facility itself will show its own. 

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