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Some parts of Le Marche are more famous than others. The element of surprise comes from looking at them in a new light: first on screen, through the lens of a film camera, and then directly, touching the stones smoothed by time, and breathing in the air around you. 


Not to be missed

It is a little-known fact that parts of Le Marche often appear discreetly in international films. To give a few examples, it was in Ascoli Piceno that Dustin Hoffman performed the leading role in the film ‘Alfredo, Alfredo’ and it was in San Leo Castle that Bruce Willis filmed ‘Hudson Hawk’.

San Leo is an imposing rock which dominates the Val Marecchia, a key strategic point, fought over by the Medicis, the Della Rovere family, the papal states,  and more recently, by the regions of Le Marche and Emilia Romagna . San Leo inspires artists and directors with its magnificence. 

There is a magical and mysterious atmosphere here. Perhaps that’s due to the stateliness of the defence structure designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, in which it is hard to discern what is nature’s work and what is man’s. Or maybe it’s because of the legend of Count Cagliostro, who ended his days imprisoned in the fortress. 

To give you a feel for his prison, you could first watch the film ‘Cagliostro’, in which the actor Massimo Girotti- born and bred in Le Marche- plays the role of the Count,  and depicts his induction into the secrets of medical alchemy, his work as an empirical healer, and later, the accusation of heresy levelled against him. After viewing the movie, you can then go and see the ‘filmset’ for yourself, joining a guided tour of the Castle. 

You can also put yourselves in the shoes of a daredevil Bruce Willis, fighting criminal activity against the backdrop of the fortress’ interiors and the main road which leads to the village. 

But San Leo is also a place of history and art. The Middle Ages saw the citadel flourish, along with the Montefeltro family, which established its dynasty here: the visit of Saint Francis in 1212 and of Dante in 1306 only serve to enrich its history.

Among the notable works of architecture worth visiting are La Pieve, the oldest religious building in Montefeltro, the Cathedral, a prime example of Romanesque style, and the Palazzo Mediceo, bearing the coat of arms of the city of Florence.

On the topic of castles and fortresses, a visit to the magical settlement of Gradara is utterly unmissable. 

Many films have been shot here, their protagonists wandering through the narrow streets, admiring the views from the 14th century walls, standing in the same rooms in the fortress where Dante captivatingly recited the tale of Paolo and Francesca. 


How to get there

By car: 

Exit the A14 at Rimini and take the Marecchiese road (SP 258), followed by the SP 137, until you reach San Leo. To get to Gradara, rejoin the A14 at Rimini and follow in the direction of Sud Ancona-Pescara until you reach the Cattolica toll, then follow signs to Gradara. Download the route here. 

Alternatively, we suggest that you follow the minor roads, stopping in such delightful towns as Monte Grimano Terme and Sassocorvaro. Download the route here. 

By plane:

The main Aeroporto Delle Marche is about 40 km from here. We recommend that you hire a car or book a driver by writing to this email address: travel@paradisepossible.com

By ship:

The port of Ancona is about 50km away. We recommend that you hire a car or book a driver by writing to this email address: travel@paradisepossible.com

By train:

The nearest train stations are Pesaro and Fano for ES and IC trains. The smaller towns are normally linked by a regional train service. For information and times see www.trenitalia.it

Where to stay

Relais Villa Giulia – Fano

Villa Giulia is a magnificent and elegant Napoleonic residence, hidden within a park that is centuries old and surrounded by countryside, rich in vines, olives and grain fields, less than a 10 minute drive from the beaches of Fano and Pesaro. The villa overlooks the Adriatic Sea on one side and the city and port of Fano on the other. 

Where to eat

Locanda dell’Ambra – Talamello

A must-visit if you want to try to the famous local formaggio di fossa (pit cheese) either on its own or in tasty recipes. Other typical products from Montefeltro and the Marecchia valley are also available. 

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Costs and methods of  Payment :

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