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Have you ever thought about travelling with Adriano Celentano and Dustin Hoffman? Did you know that the Le Marche region has provided the setting for several films that you’ve probably already seen? Here you’ll find an guided tour conducted by the protagonists of ‘Serafino’ and ‘Alfredo Alfredo’, two films made by Germi 4 years apart that portray Le Marche in very different ways: one advanced and modern, the other backwards and ancient, but which have in common their protagonists’ desire for freedom and the beauty of their scenery. 

A journey from the city into the mountains, from the life and bustle of Ascoli Piceno to the houses nestled into the rock at Spelonga and Arquata del Tronto, from Alfredo Sbisà seeking bourgeois tranquillity and running away from his familial connections, to the shepherd Serafino who has ‘an ancient world within his heart’, escaping a greedy and hypocritical family to create a unique family of his own. 

Not to be missed

Ascoli Piceno is a city of ancient and noble origins. Numerous legends surround its name: some claim that it comes from the Pelasgo King Aesis, while others say that it derives from the Sabines, who, having come to the area to celebrate the sacred spring took as their symbol the woodpecker, the bird sacred to Mars (and the chosen symbol of the Le Marche region).

The glorious past of the city can be seen today in the buildings and architectural details that date back to several different periods. In medieval times, the crowd of 13th century turrets poking up from the urban settlement of Ascoli must have been most impressive. These tall and imposing towers were not only a tangible manifestation of the power of the families to which they belonged, but also authentic military constructions. Legend has it that in 1242 Frederick the Second had ninety-one such towers completely destroyed. The city’s pride and joy, its public living room, is Piazza del Popolo, dominated by the masterful and imposing architecture of the Palazzo dei Capitani and the church of San Francesco. This is the heart of the city, paved in smooth white marble, stunningly enclosed by impressive arcades. It was precisely here that, in ‘Alfredo Alfredo’ Dustin Hoffmann walked arm in arm with the beautiful Stefania Sandrelli, before taking the usual Sunday afternoon walk down Corso Mazzini and Corso Trento e Trieste.

You mustn’t miss the chance to stop at Caffè Meletti for an anisetta ‘con la mosca’. This liqueur, into which a coffee bean is dropped (hence the name), sipped amidst the Liberty furnishings of the historic bar, will add an exquisitely retro touch to your visit. Caffè Meletti is temporarily closed for refurbishment (ed.).

On his Sunday walks and his picnics in grassy meadows, Dustin Hoffman accompanies you as you move inland, and introduces you to the wonders of the Apennines. 

It’s in the film Serafino, with Adriano Celentano, that you will discover the unspoiled natural beauty of the mountains and the valleys as they were in 1968: the film is set in Arquata del Tronto, which rises attractively atop a woody hill, in an enchanted corner of the Sibillini Mountains, and in Spelonga, amid grassy meadows and rocks, starry skies and  small houses nestled on the hillside. 

This route would not be complete without a stop in Castelluccio, one of the most attractive parts of the region. Between the end of May and the first days of July,  it bears witness to a particularly important time of year, when the flowers are in bloom: for several weeks the terrain is brightened by a mosaic of colours from ochre to red. It’s well worth stopping at the roadside to take a few photos before climbing the hill to the village. Here you will come across a series of buildings, once stables and barns, on whose walls graffiti has been written in white paint, graffiti incomprehensible to anyone who doesn’t speak the local dialect, but which speaks of love and daily troubles. 

How to get there

By car:

Coming from North or South, exit the A24 at the tolls marked San Benedetto del Tronto-Ascoli Piceno. Follow motorway slip-road Ascoli Piceno-Porto d’Ascoli. If coming from Rome, take the A24 in the direction of L’Aquila-Teramo. Exit at Teramo and continue on the SS80, following directions for Bologna-Bari/Giulianova. At Giulianova  take the A14 in the direction of Bologna and come off at the San Benedetto del Tronto-Ascoli Piceno exit. Click here for the route.

By plane:

The nearest airport is Ancona-Falconara. We recommend that you hire a car or book a driver by writing to this email address: travel@paradisepossible.com

By ship: 

The nearest ports are Pescara (100 km) and Ancona (120km). We recommend that you hire a car or book a driver by writing to this email address: travel@paradisepossible.com

By train:

The nearest railway stations are San Benedetto del Tronto, Ascoli Piceno and Giulianova. The area is well served by a local rail netweork. For information and train times visit www.trenitalia.com

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