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Have you ever caressed the snout of a small calf or sunk your hands into the soft fleece of a lamb? Have you ever collected freshly laid eggs from a sitting hen? Have you ever gathered fruit from a tree, taken a bite and tasted it in the shade of the branches, only to then try another and another and yet again another?

Not to be missed

Urbania is a marvellous town that still preserves and hands down its tradition of majolica ceramic arts, which was so highly regarded by the upper class across the whole of Europe that different masterpieces are exhibited in museums such as The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Louvre in Paris and The Metropolitan in New York.

The ceramic tradition of Urbania was at its peak during the dominion of the Dukes of Urbino in 1500s, inspired by the Rafaellesco culture, the richness of images of famous engravers and the influence of painters and humanists from the ducal court. During this period, production of the highest quality was introduced and its fame reached every corner of Europe.

Urbania is immersed in stunning landscape that, apart from inspiring artists and engravers, bears the best fruit in the land. For those who are in search of quality food and authentic flavours, the best choice would be to stay in an organic educational farm to explore all the senses and the wonders of life. Those who grow organically and who breed according to the organic principles do not use pesticides made of synthetic chemicals, so they are guaranteed to obtain natural products. This is the case with the Silvestrini family, who live a fully equipped large farmhouse and will be delighted to share with you many experiences. You can prepare the bread and the crescia, using dough prepared with ground flour that comes from their own organic wheat. Or you can gather the vegetables directly from the garden, which are so tasty that even the vegetarian dishes are something special.  

You can follow our route in the direction of Acqualagna, well known as one of the biggest Italian centres for the commerce of every kind of truffle, amongst which you’ll find the white truffle from Acqualagna and the rare black one. The foodies wont want to miss this chance to visit the district at the time of the National Truffle Fair; a chance to taste the highly sought after ‘black gold of the land’.

How to get there

By car:

If you’re coming from the north or south then take the A14 and exit at the toll ate at Fano. Take the SS73bis and follow the signs to Urbino. Then proceed to to Urbania. You can find the entire route here.

By plane:

The nearest airport is the Ancona-Falconara, which is about 100km away.  It’s advisable to hire a car or request a car rental with a driver by writing to us at travel@paradisepossible.com

By boat:

The port at Ancona is about 80km away. It’s advisable to hire a car or request a car rental with a driver by writing to us at  travel@paradisepossible.com

By train:

The closest stations are Pesaro, Fano and Ancona. The smaller villages are generally connected by a regional train service. For information and timetables visit www.trenitalia.it

Where to stay

Pieve del Colle – Urbania

Situated on a wide hill that dominates the valley of Metauro, Pieve del Colle is an educational farmhouse and offers it guests the chance to follow the journey of the ingredients used in their recipes, in order to understand that what you are tasting was at one time a mere seedling planted in the dark soil of the surrounding terrain.

Bioagriturismo Chignoni, Apecchio

Consisting of three apartments and recently renovated, this old rural residence creates an antique and relaxing atmosphere on a perfect human scale.

Where to eat

Pieve del Colle – Urbania

Every product from the farm is 100% natural and reaches its full potential once in the kitchen: the vegetables become the protagonists of piping hot soups; the fruit sweetens the marmalades and gives the grappa its aroma; fruits, flowers, berries and wild herbs flavour the liqueurs. All the reared animals are at the heart of the traditional gastronomic dishes. Anything that doesn’t end up as produce used internally becomes part of Fair Trade.

 All the Benefits of Booking through Paradise Possible 

• 10% discount on all accommodations recommended by Paradise Possible 
• possibility of visiting historical assets that are not usually available and not opened to the public 
• assistance of experienced guides in art history with interpreter 
• availability of the municipalities where the property is located 
• availability of tourist reception at the farm contracted 
• quality of courses tailor-made by experts for every itinerary 
• assistance of experienced guides to adventure sports on the nature parks 
• flexibility to take advantage of the itinerary with the same services for arrangement in  group or in pairs.

Costs and methods of  Payment :

• Each itinerary will be priced individually; 

• For every booking of the itinerary it will be required  a  pay contribution for the number of people who will benefit of the Itinerary (*)  to Paradise Possible and the 30% deposit for booking of accommodation at the selected facility. 
• The methods of payment  will be indicated by  Paradise Possible,  while  the facility itself will show its own. 

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