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Lighthouses of Le Marche

Whether you spend your sea crossings scrutinising the horizon and waiting to shout "land!” or gazing out beyond the waves as soon as day breaks and dreaming of another Paradise, lighthouses symbolise freedom and infinite new possibilities


Not to be missed

Lighthouses are of vital importance for navigators and sailors as they approach the coast. They are beacons in the darkness of the night for seafarers. Before the lighthouse was built at San Benedetto del Tronto, their only point of reference was the Torrione and the sounds of ringing bells.

If you climb the 150 steps of the spiral staircase up to the top of the lighthouse at San Benedetto del Tronto and look out over the terrace, you will see the entire city, the seafront at Riviera delle Palme and the surrounding hills. Imagine standing there in the darkness before dawn and spotting all the little fishing boats returning from a long night at sea.

Travelling North along the Adriatic coast, you arrive in Pedaso.Pedaso’s relationship with the sea has always been one of mutual development, as for centuries the sea was practically the only source of work in this fishing town. The name of the city itself is derived from an entry in a Venetian captain’s log, which gave the position of the lighthouse as being at "pié d'Azon",  the foot of “Azon” or “Aso”. This phrase later became simply "Pedaso". Don’t miss out on a trip to this seafront, fishing town and lighthouse, and make sure you try some of their delicious mussels while you're there.

One of the most attractive places to be at sunset in Le Marche is the old lighthouse at Ancona. It looks down from on high over the bay of this city, which has an intimate relationship with sea. Its name is derived from the word “Ankon”, the Greek word for “elbow”. The old, brick lighthouse stands 20 metres tall and is cylindrical. It looks out over the city from the top of Guasco hill. Until quite recently you could climb the Istrian stone spiral staircase up to the top. Now you can enjoy spectacular views of the city, the Gulf of Ancona, the port and the open sea from the panoramic viewpoint, perhaps while sitting on the bench which seems to be waiting there for someone to sit and cast out their thoughts into the open sea as the sun sets.

The San Bartolo park is located near Pesaro along a stretch of raised coastline, still reached by the sea, which rises from the low beaches in an undulating mass of spurs and valleys divided by steep precipices. An extensive view of the coast and the Adriatic can be seen from the summit, close to 200 metres above sea level. That is why the lighthouse was built here in 1945, 175m above sea level, as a substitute for the old “fralon” at Casteldimezzo. We recommend that you explore the paths and inhale the scent brine carried on the sea breeze, as well as the aroma of blossom from the fields of the park

There is one other important lighthouse in Pesaro, on the pier in the port. On summer evenings you might even come across live music performances taking place there. Obviously, these are to be appreciated with a glass in hand and whilst gazing out at the sun sinking into the Adriatic.

How to get there

By car:

Leave the A14 at the junction for San Benedetto del Tronto- Ascoli Piceno. Continue along the coast via the SS16 highway or the A14 motorway where possible towards Nordo – Bologna.

A detailed route plan can be found here.

By plane:

The nearest airport is Ancona-Falconara. We advise you to hire a car or use a chauffeur-driven hire car service. Write to travel@paradisepossible.com for more details.

By boat:

Porto di Ancona is the nearest stop. We advise you to hire a car or use a chauffeur-driven hire car service. Write to  travel@paradisepossible.com for more details.

By train: 

The nearest railway stations are San Benedetto del Tronto, Ancona and Pesaro, served by ES City trains. The Adriatic coast is well connected with railways and a regional rail transport service. For information and timetables visit www.trenitalia.it. 

Where to stay 

B&B La Torretta sul Borgo - Grottammare

Just a few minutes away from the hectic coastal spots full of holidaymakers, climb up and escape to the village of Grottamare and discover La Torretta sul Borgo, a charming B&B located in a narrow street with history.

Hotel Il Brigantino - Porto Recanati

An unusual holiday on a “sailing ship” which sails straight to the beach just for you, or straight out to sea for an unforgettable stay on the Adriatic coastline with warmth, comfort and wellbeing for the whole family. 

Hotel Fortino Napoleonico - Portonovo Ancona

Rising in the quietest and most panoramic part of the Conero riviera, an ancient fortress situated in a beautifully picturesque position between the green of the woods and the blue of the sea. 

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