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Vittore Crivelli: from Venice to Le Marche

Renaissance Masters in the Appenines

The works of Vittore Crivelli, unlike those of his brother Carlo, were highly sought-after by collectors until the start of the 19th Century and thus spread amongst museums worldwide. Most have remained in their original homes, offering the advantage of seeing them in the historical context in which they were born, the best place in which to appreciate their value.

Not to be missed

Sarnano, an authentic architectural jewel in the heart of Sibillini, hosts the first exhibition dedicated to Vittore Crivelli between the 21st May- 6th November 2011.

Around 40 of the artist and his contemporaries’ works (among which are Carlo Crivelli, Lorenzo D'Alessandro and Gentile da Fabriano) will be transferred to Sarnano, a little town that in the 15th Century found itself in the middle of the commercial activity that linked the Adriatic with Tirreno Coast and Rome. Sarnano was part of a particularly lively and culturally active mountainous region.

The exhibition is set out in a logical route, allowing you to discover the Apennine Renaissance through its 5 rooms, and encouraging you to follow on to the Chiesa di Santa Maria di Pazza di Sarnano and the Chiesa di Monte San Martino.

In the Chiesa di Monte San Martino you can admire the polyptych of Monte San Martino, the only work to have been executed by both Carlo and his brother Vittore Crivelli.

How to get there

By car

Exit the Austostrada A 14 at Civitanova Marche and enter the SS77 in direction Tolentino- Foligno. Exit at Contrada Abbadia di Fiastra and follow the SP78. Distance 60km, around 1h

By airplane

The Delle Marche Airport is around 120 km from this area, 1h 30 min by car. We advise you to hire a car, or to book a car-hire service with a driver by writing to us here: travel@paradisepossible.com

By ferry boat

The port of Ancona is around 100 km from this area. We advise you to hire a car, or to book a car-hire service with a driver by writing to us here: travel@paradisepossible.com

By train

The stations Civitanova and Ancona are served by high-speed trains, AV (high speed) and ES (eurostar), and smaller towns are generally served by the regional train service. For more information and timetables: www.trenitalia.it.

Where to stay

Agriturismo La Pieve

Once a farm, Agriturismo Le Pieve now offers a welcoming atmosphere, having been transformed into a comfortable and peaceful hideaway, far from the bustle of the city. Here you can abandon your heart to the sublime countryside in every season.

Borgo Sorbatti - Loro Piceno

Between the mountains and the sea, right in the middle of Ascolano-Maceratesi, you could say that Borgo Sorbatti has a symbolic status. As Le Marche has been described as ‘the whole of Italy in one region’, this Country House could easily represent ‘the whole Region in a small piece of land’.

Casa Vacanza il glicine - Sarnano

Right by the thermal spa complex, Casa per Vacanze Il Glicine conserves a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere 400 metres from the centre of Sarnano, a little medieval town perched on a hill on the north eastern slope of the Sibillini mountains.

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