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Let’s celebrate the 150 year anniversary of the Unification of Italy



Tolentino and the battle of 1815

On the 7th and 8th of May the Castello della Rancia and the historical centre of Tolentino will be flooded with historical groups, women and soldiers, Italian patriots, and foreigners in 18th century dress, lined up in two opposing fronts: the army of Gioacchino Murat King of Napoli, and the Austrian army of the Baron Federico Bianchi.


Equipped with the typical arms of the age, they will be in action demonstrating manoeuvres, drills, and simulating combat. It will be an occasion not to be missed, combining history, culture, and the region’s beauty, in remembrance of the first battle for the independence of Italy.

Where to stay:

Country house B&B Floriani -Macerata.

Once a hunting lodge from the second half of the 1500s, and now a manor house, with two particularly romantic rooms. The family archive is conserved in the old stables, and has been declared of particular historical interest for the region.



 Many thanks to l’Associazione Tolentino 815 Via Nazionale,2 – 62029 tolentino (MC) tel/fax 0039 0733960778 info@tolentino815.it www.tolentino815.it



Ancona and its fortresses

Take a journey back in time, with a commentary by an expert guide, to learn more about Ancona in the second half of the 18th Century. At this time the fortified city was paying host to 5,000 soldiers in the Villarey (the town’s population at the time being 47,000). The city was surrounded by a complex defensive system, traces of which are still visible today, from the panoramic Forte Altavilla, the secret Forte Garibaldi, and the least known Polveriera, surrounded by the beautiful Parco del Cardeto and the Forte Scrima.

Where to stay

Casale di GiuliaSirolo 

An ancient country house built from the typical white stone of Conero, recently transformed into a welcoming and elegant resort near the coast and adjacent to a golf club.

Relais ValcastagnoNumana

the Relais is part of the elegant Villa Virginia, constructed in the 18th Century, in the heart of a luscious chestnut grove. Found in the beautiful Parco del Comero and just a stone’s throw away from the coast, Il Relais is ideal for those who want to visit the riviera del Conero.

Many thanks to: l’Associazione Laboratorio Culturale Ancona Via Cialdini, 23 - 60122 ANCONA Tel. e fax 0039 0712071725 – 0039 3483383290 anconaculturale@tin.it 



Castelfidardo and the medal of Keogh

“The night of the 17th September 1860 fell, calm, silent and solemn, spreading over two armies of thousands of men in arms, exhausted with tension.”

The next day, the victory of the Sardinian army would have forged the way for the annexation of the Kingdom of Italy. A medal of honour was presented to Myles Keogh, an Irish soldier serving for the Papal troops.

Keogh went to America and fought in the famous Seventh Regiment of General Cluster. His performance in battle was so valued that, on his death, the great Indian chief Sitting Bull wanted to keep the papal medal that shone on the chest of the Irish soldier as an amulet.

We suggest that you visit the Museo del Risorgimento, where you can see the medal, “la medaglia di Keogh”, Le Marche’s national monument “Ai Vittoriosi di Castelfidardo”, the memorial shrine to the fallen (L’Ossario-Sacrario ai Caduti) and a walk in the Selva, maybe stopping to taste the organic oil that is produced there.

Where to stay

Agriturismo AzzurroOsimo

This agriturismo takes the name of the azure colour of its surroundings, which blends with the green of Le Marche’s hills creating a sense of tranquillity and wellbeing. The country house is located just a few kilometres from the little town of Osimo, where traces of the Roman era are still visible.

B&B la collina di AbbadiaOsimo

La Collina di Abbadia is a charming and welcoming B&B with panoramic views, perched on the splendid hills of Osimo, only 10 minutes from the sea- a perfect base from which to enjoy the sea, culture, and nature.

 Many thanks to the Fondazione Roberto Ferretti Via della Battaglia, 52 – 60022 Castelfidardo (AN) tel/fax 0039 071780156 info@fondazioneferretti.org www.fondazioneferretti.org



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