Marche Itineraries 2011

5 Senses Itineraries


itinerari multisensoriali

Southern Le Marche Area

The five sense Itineraries


Have you ever thought of turning a simple trip into life lived to the full? If you haven’t, let Paradise Possible guide you through an experience of the five senses ... in Southern Marche.



The panoramic view

that can be enjoyed from the enormous limestone ridge on which the Montefalcone Apennino rise is just one of the many beautiful sights that the medieval town has to offer its visitors. In addition to this natural balcony which overlooks the fields and beyond to the Sibillini and Laga Mountains, why not visit the turreted castle and churches of the village, as well as the Polittico di Peter Alamanno which is secretly guarded at the town museum.



Get your hands dirty, literally, from the soil

that conceals the Black Truffle, hold it between your fingers like a gold nugget. In the “Circuito della cucina del Tartufo” in Montefalcone, under the guidance of an experienced hunter, you can go on a truffle hunt in search of the prized Oro Nero (Black Gold). You can then enjoy your truffle reward, the protagonist of an array of exquisite dishes at Locanda del Lupo in Luogo di Sasso.



For those of you with a sweet tooth,

from April 28th to May 1st 2011, don’t miss the Fritto Misto all’Italiana in Ascli Piceno. Between Piazza Arringo and the beautiful Chiostro di San Francesco, you’ll be tempted by fried specialties from all over the country, all courting the undisputed queen of the area: l’Oliva Tenera Ascolana d.o.p. an excellent and renowned product from southern Marche.



The anisette 'con la mosca' of Ascoli’s famous Meletti

Cafè, with its fresh and pungent smell, will stimulate your imagination as it did with Italian poet Trilussa. The liquor, which is immersed in a coffee bean (hence the name), can be enjoyed in the surroundings of the Liberty furnishings of the historic bar, giving the visitor an exquisitely retro experience.



In certain places, nature takes on a different sound,

a clean sound. On the "monti azzurri” del Leopardi (the blue mountains) in the Sibillinis, you can hear the rustle of the wind as it whips through the Eugenia violets and the Martagon lilies, distinguish the cry of the golden eagle from the peregrine falcon, the thunderous roar of a hidden waterfall, or the eternal silence of a lake.


Where to stay

Agriturismo Tenuta Le Piane, Amandola

The eight houses that make up this ancient estate are the product of the restoration of a seventeenth century village, along with the prestigious Villa Cerro, the "flagship" of the establishment. A rare  example of comfort in the beautiful scenery of the Sibillini Mountains National Park.


B & B La Torretta sul Borgo, Grottammare Alta

An ancient palace houses the rooms of this charming B & B, characterized by a welcoming, family atmosphere family and situated in the historical centre of a medieval seaside town that is both lively and charming.


Agriturismo Il Sentiero, Montalto delle Marche

A quiet pathway lined with cherry trees leads to the accommodation and to the organic farm which it forms a part of. Every evening, the owners offer their guests a basket of their early produce, a selection of fruits and homemade cakes to be enjoyed the following morning for breakfast. The farm has connections with two good restaurants in the area.


Where to eat

Piantabete Country House, Comunanza

Located at the crossroads of ancient mountain footpaths and the main transhumance routes of the Apennines, the Country House, in addition to the four stone buildings in which you can sleep, has a restaurant offering a typical local menu incorporating strictly organic ingredients. The winery is an architectural jewel of rare beauty.


All the Benefits of Booking through Paradise Possible 

• 10% discount on all accommodations recommended by Paradise Possible 

• possibility of visiting historical assets that are not usually available and not opened to the public 

• assistance of experienced guides in art history with interpreter 

• availability of the municipalities where the property is located 

• availability of tourist reception at the farm contracted 

• quality of courses tailor-made by experts for every itinerary 

• assistance of experienced guides to adventure sports on the nature parks 

• flexibility to take advantage of the itinerary with the same services for arrangement in  group or in pairs.

Costs and methods of  Payment 

• Each itinerary will be priced individually; 

• For every booking of the itinerary it will be required  a  pay contribution for the number of people who will benefit of the Itinerary (*)  to Paradise Possible and the 30% deposit for booking of accommodation at the selected facility. 

• The methods of payment  will be indicated by  Paradise Possible,  while  the facility itself will show its own. 



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