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Baroque in Le Marche

A Passage to Le Marche
A Journey through Baroque

Baroque has been subject to various interpretations. They have created new original ways of conceiving it. Le Marche boast multiple and stunning evidences of this phenomenon. Often in fact Baroque has been mingled with local traditional styles.

Such an artistic development stretched from the XVI to the XVII century. A lot of architects visited Le Marche since the beginning of 1600. 

Local tycoons called famous architects such as Girolamo Rainaldi, Giambattista Cavagna, Carlo Maderno e Giovanni Fontana. They planned religious and city buildings.

The taste for splendour and greatness has much changed some cities such as Macerata, Fossombrone, Fabriano and Fano. 

They can be considered standing evidences of the perfect osmosis between inside and outside, between architecture and the surroundings. 

Also villas, gardens and fountains have been influenced by the Baroque style. Innovative and suggestive examples can be seen in Senigallia, Fano, Pesaro and Potenza Picena.

The baroque style was first introduced by the Gesuiti and Filippini religious orders in Le Marche. The latest brought a style born in Rome and then they fused it with the local artistic tradition.

The idea of empty space that becomes the main character of an image is the philosophy adopted by “Padri Oratoriani”. They founded some of the best known Baroque churches of Le Marche,

A lot of religious buildings have characteristics that betray their common origins as for the Artistic concepts on which they have been built. 

This is given by the capillary presence of Padri Filippini in Le Marche. They managed anyway to endow each church with personal artistic interpretation that makes each of them unique.


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