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Veneto artists in Le Marche

I Veneti nelle Marche

Throughout the fifteenth and sixteenth century artists from Veneto were active in Marche. 

They have left an enviable heritage of pieces of art, albeit northern influences were already recognisable in Marche since late fourteenth century. 

Gentile da Fabriano in fact had studied in Venice and was in turn considered a great artists by Venetian painters such as Jacopo Bellini and Domenico Veneziano. 

Venice was an irreplaceable pole of attraction for Marche. The court of Urbino started to commission works of art to an artist of the Laguna, Tiziano (Pieve di Cadore, c.1487- Venice, 1576) in 1530. 

An artist on the fringes of society, Lorenzo Lotto (Venezia, 1480-Loreto, 1556) was in the meantime active in Marche. 

He appeared to have worked now and then until he found in the sanctuary of Loreto rest for its troubled soul. There he made pietistic compositions, rich in religious involvement and showing affinities with the Venetian style. 

His pieces of art are scattered in all the cities where Lotto was active: Jesi (in the Palazzo Pianetti art gallery), Loreto (Palazzo Apostolico, that was presented by Lotto himself of all the masterpieces, as an offer to the ‘Santa Casa’), Recanati (Town art gallery) and the stunning Crucifixion kept in the church of Santa Maria in Telusiano in Monte San Giusto. 

Two Venetian painters , Carlo (Venice, c.1430- c.1500) and Vittore Crivelli with their courtly Gothic style have left a fascinating testimony of their activity in Southern Marche. Carlo Crivelli in particular thanks to the quality of his paintings and sculpturing. 

The route that follows in the footsteps of the two artist brothers could start from Ancona. There in the local Art Gallery the renowned Madonna is kept. Massa Fermana where the exquisite Madonna con Bambino can be seen, it’s a place that can’t be missed. 

And so for Monte San Martino where a polyptych  made by the two brothers is kept. Carlo Crivelli production reaches Montefiore dell’Aso, with the famous polyptych of Santa Lucia and Ascoli where the polyptych of San Emidio is on display. 

A final visit to the art gallery of Ascoli is worth the while and if you have time also San Severino and Fermo ones deserve to be visited.

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