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Open Cellars

Open cellars

Cellars are pervaded with magic. 

There we get involved in traditional activities carried out in deep harmony with Nature. 

Cellars seem to be quiet and still places. Down there, though, grapes are turned into wine century after century.

After the harvest these underground stores are filled with the noise of baskets, the squeaking of the press. 

Then for a while everything is still and quiet again, at least until when the gurgle of the natural fermentation of the must can be heard coming from the casks.

Thanks to the attachment that people in Marche have with nature, it is still easy to find houses with cellars equipped for wine production. 

Owing to the traditional hospitality of inhabitants of Marche it is now custom to open private cellars to visitors during village feasts. 

The habit has been so welcomed that now the “Movimento Turismo del Vino” has proclaimed a common day opening (usually end of May). 

The first edition (1993) of “Cantine Aperte” (free entrance cellars) was a success. Visitors are anyway increasing every year showing an escalating interest in the genuine origins of such an appreciated drink as wine. 

A wide range of people goes to visit cellars, not only people interested for work: young people, families, wine lovers… 

Even though wine plays the leading role, “Cantine Aperte” offers also the chance to taste local delicacies (Dop and Igp awarded) and traditional dishes. 

Often the event is also enriched with the exposition of local handcrafts and the air filled with soft music. 

A great thanks goes to those vine dressers that are so keen on promoting their genunine and traditional products. 

Wine tourism in Marche plays a very important role. 

It is a means to get really acquainted with the deepest nature of the land and its culture. 

“Cantine Aperte” is a great chance to get pleasantly involved.

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