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The Easter 

Maintained over the centuries or recently revived, the commemorations which take place periodically in many towns throughout Le Marche are always an emotional event providing a link to the regions’ religious and historical past. The Sacred Representation that takes place over the Easter period communicates a further very important aspect, that of an intensely experienced faith.

The most important events attached to the Easter celebrations are those organised annually on Good Friday: in the province of Pesaro/Urbino, the most intense celebrations are those which take place in Turba, representation of the Passion of Jesus also takes place in Cantiano, based on a tradition born around the end of 1200 and which involves everybody from the town. Commemoration also takes place amongst the splendid scenery of the San Silvestro Park in Pietrarubbia, during which the significant moments of the walk of Jesus towards Golgotha are portrayed. On the same day the atmosphere swells with emotion as the processions of the dead Christ take place in Cagli, Saltara and Fermignano. In Mercatello sul Metauro important religious ceremonies go on throughout Easter week, commencing with the Via Crucis Missionaria and continuing with ceremonies and religious events until the procession of Good Friday which accompanies the image of Christ made from a special paper dating from the XV century.

The Passion and the death of Jesus are also the subjects of the Sacred Representation in the Ancona province. In Loreto the Good Friday procession has recent origins from 1978 and at the will of the parish of Villa Musone. Over the years it has taken on a great importance and today its course of Via Crucis finishes near the Basilica of Santa Casa. The Passion and Death of Jesus are also the themes of the Sacred Representation which takes place on Good Friday (every two years) in Sassoferratto. With particular attention to the scenery, costumes and environment, it portrays the most intense and important moments of Christianity, initiating reflection and religious involvement.

In the Macerata province, the spectacular image of the torch lit castle of Caldarola, provides the background to the Via Crucis represented by live pictures. Intense and participative historical commemoration of the Passion of Christ also takes place in Mogliano Marche and in Pioraco, whilst in Montelupone, the nightly procession is the mere epilogue to a day which starts with the solemn celebrations in the Collegiate Church. Porto Recanati is unique in its commemorations which are made up of the sea and of fish and coffins, uniting in the celebrations of Good Friday with the solemn “Night Coffin” procession.

Finally, the province of Ascoli Piceno celebrates the Easter period with secular processions, such as those which take place in Monsampolo del Tronto – where torches and giochi pirici surround the mystery which takes place in Via Crucis. In Monteprandone, an old and artistically crafted coffin specially created in 1846 is carried on the participants’ shoulders. Easter is also celebrated in Monterubbiano and in Monte San Pietrangeli (where around a hundred people dress up in the costumes from the scene of “Jesus of Nazareth” of Zeffirelli).

Therefore in the reconstruction of past events which the people of Le Marche participate in every year in order to celebrate Easter, a link is created between local tradition and the great mystery surrounding the passion, the death and the Resurrection of Christ, symbolising a human journey common to all; the search for truth and justice.

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