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Le Marche is a land to be visited in tranquillity. No rushes are allowed. This is in fact the only way to fully appreciate the natural beauties that men have carefully preserved throughout the years.

While travelling and seeing how the sandy beaches are followed by gentle hills that leave place to the green mountains makes the time stop. Human activities seem to be no more, for a while at least.

Ancient gardens are the places where nature has managed to grow and regenerate also thanks to men that took care of them. These gardens are masterpieces. They are rich in sights, history and memories. 

This art has given birth to the typical “Giardino all’Italiana”. Villa Imperiale in Pesaro designed by Gerolamo Genga in 1500 is a meaningful example. The building was erected on Colle San Bartolo and there it is possible to appreciate the perfect symbiosis between architecture and nature. Yards, flower beds, caves and water are in perfect harmony with the structure of the noble building. 

Ludwig Winter when designing Villa Seghetti Panichi – in Castel di Lama, Tronto Valley- made a real botanic masterpiece. He mixed in fact exotic and precious palm varieties with the local and more common beech trees and century old oak trees and lime trees and
holm-oaks. Light architecture completed the magnificent sight. 

The eighteenth century garden belonging to the Palazzo Dalla Casapiccola in Recanati is worth mentioning. It overlooks the “Colle dell’Infinito” so dear to Leopardi and seems to re-echo the verses of the everlasting poet. It is embellished by flower beds and gracious hedges. 

The colourful and scented atmosphere is given by the bright yellow of the lemons in contrast with the deep green of the cypresses. This and the intense scent of the myrtle and of thyme are common also to the garden of Villa la Pieve in Macerata. The gardens seem thus to be permeated by an ancient magic. 

You could experience it also visiting the garden of Villa Sgariglia in Grottammare. There in fact the nineteenth century building is surrounded by a park where statues and citrus trees coexist. But that is not all: fountains, caves and olive trees are also part of the marvellous place. Trees, scents, flowers, hedges and creepers are what make the magic of natural architecture. 

Water is used to create new effects. In Villa Caprile water plays an important role. People from Pesaro go there to spend some time at the open air and important people in visit to the city are there greeted.

Gardens are the place where history and art leaves the mark. The alternating of season, the passing of the years are all engraved in the age old barks of oak trees. It shouldn’t surprise then that Gardens in Marche are included in tourist- cultural tours. The target is to protect such treasures and at the same time to promote their beauty.

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