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Horse Riding Tracks

Horse Riding Tracks 

The golden coastline, the gentle hills of the inland trimmed by vineyards and sunflowers fields are just some of the beauties that Le Marche offer to horse riding lovers. 

Monte San Bartolo” Natural Park (just a short way from the borders with Emilia Romagna) fully embodies all the different natural surroundings. The area is in fact characterized by the presence of coastline, of cliffs cultivated fields and woods and also resorts of artistic and cultural importance. Several paths pass through the park and they are perfect for relaxing rides.

Parco Sasso Simone e Simoncello is not far off. More than six paths open only to riders have been cut through the stunning lawns and woods. “Cerreta del Sasso” covers 800ha on average and is among the biggest in all Europe. The place is perfect both for expert riders and beginners. The paths present in fact different degrees of difficulty. Anyone can then enjoy pleasant and romantic rides.   .

Ancona inland is perfect for horse riding. Nature is almost unspoilt there. It is characterized by gentle hammocks perfect for unchallenging rides. It is even easier to ride along the paths that run through the hills showing stunning views and gorges. A lot of paths and farms to  welcome visitors make visiting the Esino Valley area a wonderful experience.

It is possible to book expert guides through the “Guida Equestre Montana”. It is recognized by the Ecologic natural tourist organization (Associazione Naturale di Turismo Ecologico). 

One of the most famous and beautiful route is the Anello del Giano, a five days long ride. To visit the Castles of Arcevia (Castelli d’Arcevia) two days are enough. If quiet and  detachment from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is what you are looking for, Parco Altesino is the place to go. It has high natural value and beauty thanks to the age old  beech trees and mountain lawns.

The Conero coastline offers stunning routes for horse rides. There are about 12 paths that stretch through the woods. 

There it is possible to see the flight of migrant birds and a lot of historic and artistic beauties such as the romanic church of S.Maria in the Portonovo bay.

Horse rides are often organized in the Natural Preserve on the Sibillini Mountains. 

Expert guides will show you the way from the Natural Park to Monti della Laga linked by Sentiero Italia.
Cascate della Prata e della Volpara route is also worth visiting. 

The path is a medium difficulty one and it is advisable to go there on Spring or Autumn due to the high temperatures in the summer season.

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