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The Blue Flags

Inviting beaches washed by a clear sea, framed by historic villages or by cosy towns, hills at a distance or sometimes washed themselves by the sea could not be excluded from the awards of the Blue Flags. 

They are proper quality statements that are awarded yearly by FEEE (Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe, UE body) to sea resorts and beaches. 

Through appointed criterions FEEE updates its list of towns that are worth receiving the Blue Flag every year. All the requirements are carefully examined: Quality of the sea, coastline and landing stages, facilities and safety measures, waste management, city outlook, pedestrians precincts, bike paths, education and environmental protection and quality of the information provided to tourists and residents. 

Several towns in Marche have reached the set standards and can so hoist the precious Blue Flag. In 2004 they were in fact awarded to Gabicce Mare and Fano (Pesaro district),and Senigallia for the clear and thin sand, and also to Sirolo and Numana Bassa (Ancona district) for their beautiful seaside. Civitanova Marche and the extraordinary exotic beaches of Porto San Giorgio, Cupra Marittima, Grottammare and San Benedetto del Tronto also received the precious recognition. 

The ports awarded by FEEE were those of Marina di Porto San Giorgio and the small, but well equipped Tourist port of Numana, again in 2004. All the resorts listed above are famous places that have always attracted tourists, but that have also managed to adopt policies of development in full respect of the environment. 

A great thanks for so many Blue Flags goes to the wise local Councils that have manage to conciliate the development of new receptive structures and the safeguard of the cities identity. 

The Blue Flags don’t point out just the clearness of the sea, but also the attention that the local Councils gave to structural, environmental and social aspects to make it possible to meet the tourists needs still preserving nature and everyday life of residents of this stretch of coastline.

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