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Costa Maceratese

La costa maceratese

Costa Macerateseis well known for its broad beaches. There the relationship between man and nature has always played a very important role. The ancient fishermen villages have now become well equipped sea resorts, ready to meet any need.

Porto Recanati is surrounded by beautiful scented pine forests. The city has roman origins and was for centuries a very important trade commercial port and has been protagonist of several historical events. Its elegant seafront is so refined as to have been given the name of “salotto del mare” (living room on the sea). It is a marvellous place to have a relaxing walk among the beautiful trees, the blue sea and the little and colourful fishermen houses. 

Fishermen have never left Porto Recanati and together with them also the respect for the ancient traditions and for the sea has stayed. The shore is protected by wave breakers and the beach is pleasantly spotted with colourful beach umbrellas. Lots are the resting places, games and sports courts. Some lidos are provided with facilities to receive animals (dogs in particular). Cyclists will be pleased instead with the many bike paths set in fantastic sceneries rich in vegetation. The cultural and folkloristic programme is so vast as to meet everybody’s interests. Traditional and folkloristic feasts are in fact organized during the summer and so it is for numberless cultural events. The city also counts lots of renown clubs. An intense theatrical season is on show in the Arena Gigli (named after the famous tenor born in the city). 

Porto Potenza Picena
is a roman city as well. It is overlooked by a seventeenth century tower that seems to watch over the quiet holidays of the tourists. Broad sandy beaches alternate with cliffs and pebbled areas. All is surrounded by lidos, green areas, sport courts and excellent restaurants and hotels. A small tourist port has been specially equipped to welcome sailing boat lovers. The historic centre of the city preserves little treasures of history and art. 

The lively centre of Civitanova Marche is on the border of Costa Maceratese. It is provided with two ports, one of which commercial, the other entirely reserved to tourists. The city boasts 8km of beaches. The city developed from a small centre called “Porto Civitanova” that was first founded from the people of Civitanova Alta to have a passageway to the sea. The two villages where then united under the same Council (1938) and took the present name of “Civitanova Marche”. The city has managed to strengthen both the intense trading activity and the everlasting maritime tradition. Thanks to the structures and tourist facilities Civitanova Marche is the place to stay and spend an holiday where also the cultural, historical and sports aspects are cared for. 

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