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Verde Riviera Picena

Verde Riviera Picena

A strong contrast between the deep green pine forest and the blue sea that washes the jagged coastline is what characterizes “Riviera Picena”. It stretches South from the seaside of Porto Sant’Elpidio

The city has ancient origins and it had once been much contended for the strategic position on the commercial courses. After having gained importance for the production of footgear, the city has focused its efforts to embellish the seafront. Now, thanks to the well spent energies of the local Council, the city can offer 7km of marvellous beach. 

High quality hotel and restaurants, and functional lidos are willing to welcome visitors. Nature and vegetation act as a frame to this marvellous picture. Hospitality has an age old tradition among the inhabitants, it is almost a quality of theirs. Lido di Fermo is also enclosed by the spontaneous Mediterranean scrub. 

From the sandy beaches washed by the clear sea it is possible to see, at a distance, the beautiful Sibillini mountain chain. The 3km of sand open to a territory rich in history, art treasures, and ancient treasures. Visitors have a multitude of chances: they can spend their days at the seaside, enjoying a marvellous panorama, but can also get acquainted with the cultural tradition and have a taste of the local gastronomy. 

The core of the “Verde Riviera Picena” is further South. Porto San Giorgio embodies all the characteristics of the area it belongs to. The city has a famous fishing and tourist port (the largest of the Adriatic coast).It is washed by such a clear sea that has been awarded with the European Blue Flag more than once. 

During the years a lot of illustrious people have spent some days in Porto San Giorgio – Gabriele d’Annunzio, Eleonora Duseche among the others are known to have much appreciated the thin sand of this picturesque resort. The place is every year more rich in tourist facilities, cultural events. 

Handcraft and folkloristic traditions have never been abandoned, they are renewed year after year in the magic and colourful atmosphere of the narrow alleys of the historical centre. The “Costa Picena” comprehends fantastic resorts such as Marina Palmense and Marina di Altidona (whose tourism have lately much increased) and Pedaso. 

The latter city is dominated by a white lighthouse and surrounded by a vast area of Mediterranean scrub. The beach is partly sandy and partly pebbled and is often protected by natural cliffs. The clear sea offers fantastic vegetation and fishes but also precious archaeological findings that stand as an evidence of the past activity of the historic centre. The city boast a fascinating position, being set on a promontory that dives into the sea. The “Verde Riviera Picena” offers, together with beaches of stunning beauty, several modern facilities for tourists. Visitors are granted a marvellous holiday also thanks to the natural and artistic treasures that the area boasts.

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