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Riviera delle Palme

La Riviera delle Palme

Variety of settings characterizes Marche coastline. This is why a lot of surprising places are at complete disposal of tourists. Different worlds coexist within a short distance from each other.

Riviera delle Palme thanks to a particular climate is characterized by a vegetation almost unique in the area. The ancient city of Cupramarittima is a clear example with its sandy beach surrounded by pine forests and palm groves. 

The sea presents low waters near the coastline and it is so the safer place to be with children. The medieval village is spread on the hill that fronts the beach. Its small alleys are wonderful for their openings on the blue sea.

Grottamare is right on the 43° parallel. The artistic treasures kept in the city attract tourist that would have gone just for the fascinating broad sandy beaches enclosed in palm groves and orange trees. The city has been nicknamed “Pearl of the Adriatic” since a long time ago. 

The beautiful place boasts ancient origins (the picturesque medieval centre still stands as an evidence). The ancient port has earned the city an important position in the economic panorama of the region. The first tourists discovered the city in the early 1600. 

The famous visitors (the famous musician Franz Liszt among the others) first appreciated the down to earth organization of the place, the warm climate, the golden beach and the marvellous sights of the sea, of the beautiful palm trees and of the ancient historic ruins. 

The eye could then be absorbed by the hilly landscape that stretches and meets the Sibillini mountain chain at the horizon. Going South palm trees wisely adorn the sea front of San Benedetto del Tronto

There the thin and white sand has attracted visitors since 1800. Since then the famous resort has embellished its outlook and has improved its tourist facilities to better welcome visitors. 

Despite the bike paths and the well equipped and modern lidos the magic atmosphere of century old traditions still persists. They can still be read from the wrinkles on the sun burnt fishermen faces and from the Liberty villas on the seafront. 

A taste of tradition is given by the fish Brodetto, ancient local delicacy. Golden beaches, lush palm trees, and oleanders in full bloom characterize the landscape as far as Porto D’Ascoli. 

The city set on the border between Marche and Abruzzo is also on the skirts of this marvellous Riviera that Nature has made so unexpectedly beautiful and that man is carefully taking care of.

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