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Spiaggia di velluto

La spiaggia di velluto e le marine

It was the summer of 1853 and the first wooden platform on the velvet beach of Senigallia was greeted with some surprise by the fishermen that were shoring after a day at sea. 

That was the first facility for tourists, now in the same place they are better provided with an hotel (Hotel Bagni). The potential of such a tourist activity in fact was soon understood. Nature has provided Senigallia with 13km of “arenile” a particular thin golden sand, from which the name “velvet beach”. 

Nowadays Senigallia is deeply appreciated also thanks to the clear sea that has been awarded (every year for the past few years) of the “Blue Flag” by the “Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe”. 

The city is full of facilities for tourists. It is possible to choose among a wide range of restaurants and sports. There are in fact beach volley and tennis courts and also cricket grounds. Swimming courses are yearly organized and there are structures organized for water skiing and windsurf. 

The tourist port has been recently renovated to meet all needs. The range of restaurants goes from most renovated ones – mentioned in the best European guides- to cheaper ones where typical local delicacies are served. And last but not least the pizzerias that crowd every corner for a taste of the Italian dish most appreciated in all the world. 

During the summer there are many entertaining events. Those fond of music and tradition can assist to the International Competition for Young Pianists and to “La fiera di Sant’Agostino” (Saint Augustine’s fair) that takes the town back to the time when the ancient commercial activity flourished. 

But there is also place for those who want some fun. The colourful “Summer Jamboree” is in fact dedicated to them. On this occasion artists from the worldwide come to Senigallia and recreate an atmosphere that was typical of the fifties. 

The local town hall all and the “pro loco” associations have always been keen on promoting traditional events. They have always managed to offer Senigallia tourists several options to entertaining themselves without spoiling the quiet that they deserve. Senigallia is a city made to man measure. The city centre is rich in Museums, art galleries and impressive architectural beauties.

The golden sand makes the rest. The beautiful beaches are full of sand castles evidence of the joy of children and of people who are just enjoying themselves and relaxing. The delight is at its top with a look at the beautiful Rotonda on the crystalline sea, that has inspired songs, deep feelings throughout the years. 

Little  Beaches:
- Marina di Montemarciano
- Marzocca
- Cesanella

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