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Riviera delle Colline

La Riviera delle Colline

“Riviera delle Colline” stretches from the mouth of the river Tavollo that flows into the clear waters of the sea that washes the coastline boarding with Emilia Romagna. The name is due to the long stretch of coastline where sandy beaches and wooded promontories on the sea alternate.

More than 40km of coastline offer numberless different resorts, shores, sea-beds. Gabicce Mare with its small Gulf is the perfect place to spend a quiet holiday. The beaches are full of lidos and tourist facilities. 

After a day spent on the seashore, it would be nice to spend some time in the thick vegetation that surrounds Gabicce Monte, and then have a nice evening in one of the restaurants and night clubs that crowd the city.

A picturesque and panoramic road links Gabicce with Pesaro. It passes through the Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo and it is so completely surrounded by an enveloping nature that seems to protect the enchanted villages half way between sea and heaven. 

They were once Medieval fortresses that have become fishermen dwellings throughout the centuries: Casteldimezzo for example where some ruins of the ancient city walls can be seen. Fiorenzuola Focara is a fascinating place where some of the ancient fortifications are still standing. 

The place is a real Belvedere. It has in fact a marvellous view on the sea underneath and an easy passage to a small beach that the sea has managed to erode from the rock.

The landscape then becomes gentle and opens on the broad valley of Pesaro and on 7km of thin sandy beaches. The sea-bed there is not so steep, and this makes it a safe place to be with children. 

Tourism in Pesaro has an age old tradition. The sea is for the city a precious allied that well pays back the care and respect that the inhabitants of Pesaro give it.

The border between Pasaro and Fano is marked by a promontory: Colle Ardizio. It falls on the clear sea that washes the quiet beaches of Fano. 
The city has Roman origins and is a famous tourist resort. Its beaches are large and alternate sand and pebbles. “Riviera delle Colline” ends where Marotta is, essentialy where the Pesaro Urbino district borders with the Ancona district. 

“Riviera delle Colline” is the place where intact nature meets with well organized lidos.




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