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Cultural events 

The various natural backgrounds that Le Marche have to offer have always enriched the talented minds of those who passed through the area. Le Marche have always be a land rich in cultural stimulus and fond of art works. It is not a wonder then that cultural events are more and more promoted in Marche. If once they were localized initiatives, local councils have now melted they efforts to better organize and coordinate cultural events in all the county.

Lately lots of projects have spread throughout the county. The most remarkable one consists in determining a cultural path to follow that takes tourists from one end of Le Marche to the other. An example is the Gothic Atlas (Atlante del Gotico nelle Marche). It has been set up to promote the knowledge of the Gothic Art expressions in Le Marche. An archaeological museum council has also been set up to protect and to exploit the potential of the archaeological treasures that le Marche own. Tradition also plays a very important role in Le Marche everyday life. People are so trying to save ancient places that help to remember the working past of le Marche. Popular songs and local traditions have become a protected species and a lot of industrial archaeology sites have been proclaimed.

Collectio Thesauri is maybe the most important cultural event organized in Le Marche. It is a project wanted to promote the knowledge of hidden treasures. Pieces of arts, worth being enumerated among the ‘collezionismo illustre’ genre,  have in fact been gathered and are on show during the event. The main exposition, made of 370 pieces among which ancient codes, miniatures, refined editions of Literature and Science books, has recently been enriched by shows, concerts and conferences that take place throughout the county. 

The Ancona district council is promoting a long lasting project called “Leggere il Novecento”. It is bound to make people better acquainted with the last century cultural changes in all fields. The target is to help people to better understand the present time. The events organized for the purpose cover several fields: Theatre, Literature, Arts, Music, Fotography, History, Dance, Popular traditions and Cinema. Several local councils are involved and this help all those who would like to have a taste of the contemporary cultural reality of Le Marche.
‘Terra dei Teatri’ is organized year after year in the Macerata district. It is a chance to enjoy the artistic heritage made of music, dance and prose in the beautiful settings of Abbeys, Squares, Castles and Parks

Le Marche offer endless chances to satisfy those fond of culture and its expressions. Cities such Urbino are promoting initiatives to make the museums accessible to everyone. Since Autumn 2005 it is in fact possible to buy a single ticket valid to visit each museum of Urbino.

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