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Olive Ascolane

The Olives of Ascoli

Table olives are just as precious the tender ascolana olive, called Picena by the classical latins, is exclusives. Good, juicy, easy to digest, it is by far the best green table olive on the world. Also if the production area is more vast, the ideal habitat is near Ascoli Piceno, It is originated from clumbing travertine, calcareous rocks plus flowing water and a cold temperature, ideal for plants. The Ascolana olive enjoys renewed preference. Plinio testified that it contains little acid and it is the best salted. More recent statements are connected to Pope Sisto V, Garibaldi, Rossini… Due to its fragility, the Ascolana olive risks extinction, when the laborious ascolan woman surrender to the hard work of hand picking it. It’s well known in the world for the very tasty way it is prepared: the oliva ascolana fritta (stuffed and fried). If the technique and row material are original, the result is unrepeatable.

Ascoli stuffed olives
Ingredients: 100 olives, 300 grams of lean pork and 1 Kg of lean veal, 100 grams of chicken breasts, 100 grams of turkey, 150 grams of parmesan cheese, eggs, olive oil, Falernian wine, onion, carrot, celery, bread-crumbs, salt and nutmeg.
Mixing: lightly brown the vegetables and the meat, sprinkle them with white wine and leave to cook for 10 minutes. Mince them and bind the mixture with egg, Parmesan and nutmeg.
Preparation: stone the olives and coat with flour, beaten eggs and bread-crumbs. Fry in extra virgin olive oil.

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