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Vernaccia di Serrapetrona

Vernaccia di Serrapetrona

Production area
This area, rather small, includes the council of Serrapetrona and parts of the municipal land of Belforte del Chienti and San Severino Marche, province of Macerata.

The dominant grape used is the locally produced Vernaccia Nera. This wine may be blended with up to a amax. of 15% of grapes originating from the authorized and recommended red berry vines of the Macerata province.

It's natural red sparkling wine, with long-lasting fine-grained froth.
Appearence: colour ranges from garnet to ruby red with a subtle and persistent pelage.
Scent: aromatic, reminiscent of ripe red fruits, compotes and spices.
Flavour: it can be sweet or dry, palatable and warm, smooth body, pleasant and slightly bitter.
Alcohol content: 11°C.

Optimum age
In being a typical red sparkling wine achieved either by the Charmat method or that of the Champenois, it is released at its moment of maturation, when it best expresses its richness and fresh fragrance. It should be drunk when young.

Accompanying Foods
Habitually, the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona is drunk as a dessert wine, preferably with dry pastries, sweet biscuits and pandolce. At the end of the century in the days of recurrent country festivals, polenta mixed with the "sapa" and Vernaccia were offered. The modest presence of natural sugars, fermentation residues and carbonic anidride, emphasizes the delicate charm and succession od sweet-smelling scents this wine contains and invites one to meditate upon. Surprisingly, dry Vernaccia goes well with pungent and mature, semihard cheeses. It also goes well with corned meats and fruit compotes.

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